sabato 14 dicembre 2013

Condannati A Morte Nel Vostro Quieto Vivere

It seems like this year, instead of accumulating records that originally came from exotic and far away places, I've been mainly focused in filling up my collection of classic local bands release. Partially it was due to the absurd prices that getting a record shipped from overseas has reached in these days. Nontheless, I think that, after the finns, we have unleashed the best hardcore from europe in the 80s.
Negazione is for sure one of the most well known name worldwide when it comes to italian hardcore. Until a few days ago, the only Negazione record I've ever owned was an orange copy of "Lo Spirito Continua..." on TVOR. It stayed in my house for only a few months since I've ended up trading it for an I.R.A. lp. Never been too much of a fan of that album. Their best releases are the first two eps. Here's a copy of the 1985 self-released ep "Condannati a Morte Nel Vostro Quieto Vivere". Love the artwork and the huge insert. I don't think I need to explain how great the music is. Here we're talking about a genre-defining band that still influences legions of band everywhere. Not at all a hard to find record. I guess that it was pressed in huge quantities. Got it from a local guy for the price that I wanted so I think I've made a good deal considering that it also comes in excellent conditions which is something quite rare when it comes to old italian records...

mercoledì 4 dicembre 2013

Gyou Shou

The older I get, the harder it gets to find new bands that really thrill me. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that, after 20+ years of listening to this kind of shit, you need more from a new band than just being fast, loud or noisy. You need it to be bloody good at what it's doing. It seems like all the new bands that people are praising enthusiastically are just ok to my almost senile parameters. My left hand is indeed more than enough to count the 2013 new releases that floored me. 
Well, the second Nemesis ep "Gyou Shou" definitely made it in that list. Being so thrilled about a new release is something that made me feel like I was 16 again. I've checked daily if it was out for over a month and I even got pissed when it tooks a bit longer to be released. Trust me, here we're talking about a band that's more than good. This is "Gauze" good. Traditional Selfish Records style japanese hardcore that continues exactly where it left in their incredible 2011 debut ep Dou-Koku. This is simply perfect. A band that's so energic that could be considered a renewable source of energy. Without any doubt, the best new band outta japan. My only complain is that 4 songs are not enough, I want a full album! Kudos to them also for being from Kyushu and not playing noisepunk. Courtesy again of Ratbone, Solar Funeral and Flower Of Carnage. 200 on white for direct mailorder and 800 on black for the riffraff. Comes with a beautiful full-coloured cover and insert with lyrics translated in english & download code for you fancy people that enjoy listening to music via your bloody phone.

mercoledì 27 novembre 2013

Domestic Violence Kept The Neighbourhood Quiet

The last effort from Coffin Cut Records has been a split 12" between two Sydney's bands: Deathcage & Unknown To God. Limited to 300 copies, 100 on white for the aussies, 100 on red for overseas market and 100 on grey that came with a bonus 7". I was indeed expecting red wax since I got it from an euro dealer but I've ended up with a white copy. Nothing to complain about it, I think it matches better with the cover colours. Gatefold cover. All in all a very well packaged release with super cheesy artwork!
I've been a huge sucker for all Deathcage material, although I think they reached their peak in their third ep "tomorrow we die". Perfect songs with the perfect production. While the "plague of the rats" full length suffered a bit from the too clean production, here Deathcage went back to a rougher sound. Maybe a bit too raw for a burning spirits band and the mixing could've been way better (expecially for the vocals). Nerdy details apart, these tracks prove again that they still are one of the few bands able to nail down this style perfectly (outside japan). I was unfamiliar with Unknown To God from Sydney too but their midpaced metallic crust didn't impress me at all. Sounds like the dumb Tragedy cousin from downunder. Never been a fan of this style, sorry. 
In the same order I've managed to get a record that somehow I kept forgetting to order during the last 5+ years. The one and only full length from one of my favourite aussie band ever, the mighty A.V.O. (Apprehended Violence Order). Downloaded it when it came out and loved every seconds of it but  I've ended up getting a real copy only now. Well, better later than never. Solid hardcore deeply rooted in the early 80s' USHC tradition but with a typical aussie "fuck you" attitude. A band that never got the recognition they deserved, probably only due to their geographic isolation. 19 tunes of perfectly executed, pissed off, un-PC hardcore that sounds like the retarded child of a Vile & Gang Green gang bang. This version contains indeed a Vile cover, while the cd version has a Bad Posture cover (Get Tough). They broke up after releasing this, so this is their testament. Do I even need to comment the incredible artwork? A truly australian hc classic. Praise to Even Worse & Kangaroo Records for releasing it on wax.

mercoledì 20 novembre 2013

WRETCHED interview 1985

Since I've posted a lot about italian hc recently, I guess that it was the right time to post this interview. Taken from Warning'zine vol. I. Originally it was supposed to appear in 80s' dutch 'zine De Minima but ended up being unpublished for two decades. Not the best interview of course but a nice document of that era.

lunedì 11 novembre 2013

Lonely Rock

Recent repress of Lipcream's debut ep "lonely rock" 7" that originally came out on Hold Up Records sometimes around 1984. Courtesy of Dynamite Records, a label that I guess has some direct connection with the band. It's a perfect reproduction of the OG version and it also comes with a sticker of the looks-like-a-penis-to-me famous rocket cover. Here we're dealing with the debut release of an unfuckwithable japanese institution that had a huge role in defining the traditional japanese hc sound associated to the legendary Selfish label. A bit rougher compared to the albums but it's still a feast of an awesome riff after another. One of the few puck/hc bands that is able to incorporate solos that don't suck in their tracks. At this point I'm quite hopeful that also "night rider more than fight!" will get the same treatment in a not so far future...

mercoledì 6 novembre 2013

Passione Nera

I can't think to a better record for this period of the year than Nerorgasmo "passione nera: discografia 1985-1993" double lp. Well, a copy of the self titled ep would be better of course but hey, you cannot always win. And, honestly, the guys at F.O.A.D. headquarter have outdone themselves so much this time that I can live happily with this for now. Seriously, the whole packaging of this record is so outstanding that left me wordless. Housed in a hard bound case wrapped book-like fat gatefold that includes a 24 pages booklet with Luca Abort's drawings (some unpublished 'till now), liner notes, lyrics & pics, this is probably one of the best packaged record ever.
Born from the ashes of Blue Vomit, Nerorgasmo was the darkest, gloomiest & most nihilistic band that ever came out of italy during the 80s'. Definitely an unique band way ahead of its times. Not only musically, but also lyrically. I'm indeed sorry for all ya non-italian readers. Without understanding Luca Abort's lyrics, you're missing 50% of Nerorgasmo greatness. Seriously, some of the sickest & most obscure poems you'll ever read. 
On lp one you'll get the infamous s/t ep, some awesome unreleased studio recordings from 1987 & a couple of live sessions respectively from '86 and '93. The second lp has the remastered version of the 1993 full length. Great stuff but way inferior to the earlier material. There's something about the sound of the full length that doesn't work. Plus Luca's vocals aren't as sick as they used to be in the ep. Anyhow, way better than your bands lp. Get this record as soon as you can, for 20€ only it's a bloody good deal.

sabato 26 ottobre 2013


Nothing better than having the local record fair just a couple of weeks before your birthday. It just gives you a great excuse to spend a little more money than you would usually do! This time my main score was an OG copy of the legendary Declino "eresia" 12" released by Belfagor Records back in 1985. When it comes to the old days of italian hc, Torino/Piemonte has been probably the place that unleashed the best bands ever. And Declino was definitely one of the fiercest out of it. Not your usual three chords hc here, these guys could definitely play their instruments. Intricate and complex songwriting but at the same time powerful, direct and energic like few others. Plus smart & depth lyrics that were and still are above your average boring "smash the system" approach.
Basically I've payed the current going price but it was worth it. Those fixed political price on the cover makes me always smile when you think at the current value of these records. LP is in excellent conditions and the cover, apart for a bit of yellowing on the lower backside, its in great conditions and it comes with the huge insert. The guy I bought it from also had a copy of the "rivolta e negazione" 7" for sale but, unless I'll win the lottery, that ep is absolutely out of my budget. Too bad since it's even better than the 12" and I'd love to own a copy sometimes...

domenica 20 ottobre 2013

SHORTLIVED interview 2009

A few years ago a bunch of kids out of nowhere but fuckin' New Zealand released some of the best fast hardcore full length that saw the light in the past decade. Just after their 2009 euro tour I've decided to interview them. Conducted via email with singer Sam during september '09. Originally featured in PM#7.
Perro: You've been around since 2006 which, for hardcore pharameters, it's almost the equivalent of Rolling Stones career in terms of lasting. Did you regret having named your band Shortlived? 
Sam: Dan (drums) and I (Sam) had a bunch of songs and I was in this other band called Workshy with this French punk called Alex. He was only going to be in New Zealand for a little bit so we asked him to sing for us and so we were gonna only be around for a very short time. He ended up having only one practice and he left NZ earlier than expected. We thought it'd be a waste to do nothing with these songs that we had fun playing so we recruited James (on guitar) and Sarsha (on bass), both we had been in bands with before and I switched to just singing. We just kept the name thinking if we did stick around it would become as stupid as the circle jerks singing about living fast and dying young.
Perro: I've never been there, but New Zealand has a fame to be a beautiful, quiet and environmental friendly place. To make it short, it seems like a nice place to live. But from your lyrics it's obvious that you are extremely angry and pissed off. What makes you want to form a punk/ hardcore band in a place that to outsiders could looks like paradise? What's hidden in the dark side of the country that's impossible to be noticed by outsiders?
Sam: Shit where to start... It is an extremely nice place to live but it's like a small town, you know, everyone's really friendly and hospitable but pretty naive and backward. Well maybe that's a bit harsh. The fact that it is a water-locked country with an exaggerated focus on self-identity. We seem to have an obsession with excessive compensation for this struggle for self-identity which results in placing too much emphasis on national achievements which filters down to a personal level. We have a high youth suicide rate which is result of these pressures which appear in different manifestations eg, sports and drinking culture. But you know it's not all doom and gloom.
Perro: On Gawj ep there's written "so far away from giving a fuck that we can't be seen". If I didn't misunderstand, I guess it has to do with NZ's isolation from the rest of the world. How's living surrounded by the ocean in the middle of nowhere? Does it influence your music in any way?
Sam: Pretty much covered that in the previous question. It sucks not having that many international bands coming over, so we do tend to just do things the way we want but trends tend to trickle down so that we're behind the world. Well actually for a really small country we have had and do have a lot of diversity and quality in our punk scene so that's good.
Perro: During the last two years you've toured both in Australia and Europe? Any funny/ crazy story? Comparing to NZ, what are the main differences you've noticed? Why your italian dates have been cancelled?
Sam: We played twice in Aussie which was great cause we've got a lot of friends over there, cause that's where everyone from our scene fucken goes much to our annoyance. People seem to like our music over there more too. There is not many bands doing what we do over here you see. We got to play New Years with Pisschrist, Severed Head of State and Born/Dead which was cool. Australia has some kick ass bands too. Europe was awesome, yeah our Italian dates were cancelled cause they were early in the week and no-one wanted to help us out. :( It was the only dates we could manage so we ended up camping on the shores of Lago di Garda drinking Hell Bier which was a cultural experience! There are not that many differences between NZ and Aussie (although patriots would baulk at that comment). We noticed a greater cultural antagonism in Europe than what we are used to here. We figure this is because we are the youngest nation in the world and most of our rivalries are only sporting ones and more of a joke than ones that span centuries on invasions and wars. Our borders are pretty well defined as well.
Perro: According to your website, your drummer is going to stay in europe for an indefinite period after the tour. That means at the moment Shortlived are no longer an active band. Is this going to be forever or just 'till he comes back to NZ?
Sam: Well as i write he only stayed in France and is now possibly in Canada after a short stay in the states. He said he ran out of money and may be home sometime but head to Aussie to work. It is an unsure future but I'm pretty confident we'll play again somewhere.
Perro: Talking about your drummer, I've heard rumors about a Misfits skull tattoo on his cock. Needless to say that our readers want proofs about this!
Sam: Yep It was his first Tattoo as well. He was gonna get it colored in but decided against it cause he's a wussy. There used to be photos on the internet but i think they got taken off or are very well hidden now. Sorry, but if you met him he'll gladly show you.
Perro: You define your music "Aotearoa thrashcore". Is it a way to support Maori culture/ tradition? Are Maori kids involved in the punk/ hardcore scene? Generally talking, are there racial tentions between Maori and white folks?
Sam: Colonization is the same everywhere to a certain extent. Stolen indigenous land tends to create lasting racial tensions despite our national racial equality sentiment. We didn't consciously choose "Aotearoa Thrashcore" as a form of support because it is the original name for this country but i just sounds better than "New Zealand Thrashcore".
Perro: I love the lyrics of "fundamentalist", I think it describes exactly why many times punx are too narrowminded. Please explain more about it.
Sam: For a while there there was quite a split in punk fundamentalism's in New Zealand. One side was straight-edge (some christian) and the other was drink-as-much-as-you-can. It has sort of died off these days but within mainstream NZ there is still a pressure to drink alcohol as a form of social inclusion and it seems the punk scene is just the same. It gets annoying. Punks who purport to be all for freedom of choice and hate being told what to do but then give each other shit if one chooses to drink or not drink or whatever. It just gets boring.
Perro: Where does the inspiration for "fat vegan" come from?
Sam: Let's just say Preston Pies in Melbourne cause they have the meanest fake mince pies and sausage rolls we've ever tasted. We were stoked about the vegan food we got in Europe. There is another difference with NZ; touring bands in the punk scene hardly ever get food put on for them so that was cool.
Perro: I must admit that I know almost nothing about old NZ bands and it seems even hard to get any infos about there. Can you mention some obscure local gems from the past worth tracking down? When/ how does the whole hardcore thing started downthere?
Sam: There is a tonne of cool old bands worth checking out, Proud Scum, No Tag, Scavengers, Surburban Reptiles, The Enemy... too many too list. Hardcore didn't really start here till a band called Armatrak in the late 80s before that we were heavily influenced by British punk so all our late 70s and early 80s bands sound like that. is a kick-arse NZ blog which has a bunch of newer bands and other great stuff and then there is which has some rarer old NZ punk bands.
Perro: What's going on in the present? Which are the best Aotearoa bands around in these days?
Sam: There are a few good bands but it seems pretty quiet. Our favs are Wasteland (sound like infest/asshole parade), Drug Problem (dark sludge with black metally bits) Aborted Christians (power violence with grind maybe like magrudergrind mixed with insect warfare), Electric Mayhem (thrashpunk), There are a bunch of other bands worth checking out depending on your musical leanings. Punkfest is a fest in Wellington that has been going for over a decade and is well worth heading to if your in NZ around October every year, they always have a good selection of what's going on.
Perro: I've heard that almost everyone in New Zealand took part to the Lord Of The Rings trilogy in a way or another. Did any of you guys appeared on it in any way? Weren't the orcs looking like crusty punk zombies?
Sam: This is funny cause people always say NZ is small and that we must know everyone and that sort of stupid shit but the truth is it is pretty bloody small and yeah James our guitarist was one of the big-ass Orcs and a ghost soldier. America knows NZ from a sitcom called Flight of the Conchords which is about these 2 idiot NZers who go to New York and I always get asked about them in the States and the truth is our drummer was taught drums for a bit by one of the stars.. it gets somewhat embarrassing to be honest.
Perro: Recently I saw Black sheep. Amazing movie. Like in all the other NZ splatter flicks I've seen, it seems that humor is always a fundamental and unmissable ingredient. Apart from early Peter Jackson's movies, is there any other masterpiece that I should check out? If Shortlived were a movie, how would it be?
Sam: NZ has a rich film history for such a small place and it's not all humor, there are some dark movies too, like Bad Blood (based on a true story about a guy who kills some cops and goes bush sparking a manhunt) That film is brilliant. Another contemporary one of a similar theme is called Out of the Blue which is another true story about a lone gunman who shoots up tiny coastal settlement. Once Were Warriors is an amazing film that got a lot of international recognition for it's gritty portrayal of poor surburban Maori disconnected from their culture. Quiet Earth, Sleeping Dogs, Smash Palace all execellent. Some other funny ones are Goodbye Pork Pie which has a couple of guys who steal a mini and set-off across the country on a funny crime-spree.
Perro: Projects for the future?
Sam: Hopefully we'll record and release again and we're pretty keen to tour aussie again and south-east Asia sometime but it all really depends on our drummer.
Perro: Final comments?
Sam: Thanks. if anyone wants records or info contact me at

venerdì 11 ottobre 2013

Cutest Band In Hardcore

Last month we all saw an OG version of Chronic Sick "cutest band in hardcore" 12" on Mutha going eBay for over a thousand bucks. Of course, like many of you, I couldn't even think to bid on it. So I just sit down, got popcorn and enjoyed the show. But that auction at least reminded me that I still needed to get the No Way repress that came out three years ago. For some reason I completely forgot to buy it when it first came out. Discogs easily provided me a copy for a nice price. First press with the extra insert with reviews, flyers, pics and the usual crap. Everything looks like the original except of course for the No Way logo instead on the Mutha one. 
What can I say about this record? I usually do not post a lot about USHC but this is one of my top 5 ever favourite records. Cheesy logo, one of the best cover ever, lyrics that still piss off most of the PC dudes out there (simply coz' they aren't able to get them) and some of the best riffs ever written. The clean production makes it sounds almost "pop" in the slowest tracks. These six songs are simply perfect. Loud, catchy, nasty and memorable hardcore from a time where Jersey Shore meant high quality hc, not a bunch of italo-american douchebags that got the worst traits from both their ethnic roots. 

sabato 28 settembre 2013

Smash The Wall For Freedom

Ladies and gentlemen, we got the artwork of the year. Seriously, we all know that Sugi is one of the best artist out there when it comes to create iconic punk/hc graphics, but this time he has outdone himself. His rabid version of the worldwide most beloved kitten would probably piss off tons of lil'girls but every punk out there will love it. Why hasn't a shirt been printed with this graphic yet?
I would have bought this record solely for the the artwork even it was a Rancid ep. But luckily this is not the case. Here we got indeed the new single "smash the wall for freedom" by Hakodate premier burning spirits band, Crude. Courtesy of two finns label, Kämäset Levyt & Tampere Hardcore Coalition. 100 on yellow wax (mailorder version) and the remaining 400 on black. If you were expecting like me another "just go ahead", you'll be totally disappointed. These two tracks (one of which is an instrumental medley of some of their most well known riffs) indeed were recorded in Finland during their 2012 tour. Not that it's a bad quality recording, but to make burning spirits works, you need top notch powerful, heavy & clean recording. That studio might work perfectly for the classic finnish sound, but I think it's too raw for a band like Crude. Both these tracks are indeed awesome and if they were recorded with a heavier sound, they wouldn't have left me with the feeling that, as much as this record is good, it's missing something to make it another classic in this band's incredible discography. 

sabato 21 settembre 2013

La Tua Morte Non Aspetta

My first approach with Wretched was with the "libero di vivere, libero di morire" lp that someone taped to me in the mid 90s'. This is one of those unfuckwithable classics that everyone but me seems to have in the highest regards when it comes to euro hardcore from the early days. I can't really stand that record. I don't like the production and Gianmario's vocals irritate me. Plus the uber dramatic lyrics and militant attitude of the band (keep in mind that my first listening happened during the ultra PC nineties glory days) was enough to keep my interest pretty low.
Over the years I gave to the earlier eps a try but the only one I do really love is the "in nome del loro potere tutto è stato fatto". The over the top wall of noise that this ep creates is unbelievable.
That being said, I never gave the later Wretched material a chance. Until last month. While pre-ordering the Diserzione ep, I've noticed that Lovehate80 was also repressing Wretched 12" ep "la tua morte non aspetta". I thought "why not?" and decided to finally give it a try.
What an idiot I've been! I can't believe I missed such a solid record for all these years! Usually people have mixed feelings about this 12" and when it comes to Wretched, "la tua morte non aspetta" is not one of the records that get usually mentioned. How many times have you heard someone tagging later Wretched as "metal"? Well, that's bullshit. Of course compared to the earlier material the main difference is the super clean production and yeah, songwriting is more "mature" compared to the wild days of the band but for sure this ain't metal! Even lyrics got a more personal approach. Just ugly, gloomy, downtuned and dark hardcore way ahead of its time. Perhaps this is why this ep doesn't get the attention it deserves. A record that sweats tons of pessimism, failure and negativity from every single note. Shame on me for waiting so long before checking it.
Limited to 500 copies, this reissue comes with a bonus track on side B, "tanti giorni" which is a more canonical Wretched track. For the rest it's a perfect reproduction of the original since, even aesthetically, this record looks perfect.

giovedì 19 settembre 2013

Quando Si Sentirà L'ultimo Rimbombo

Just picked up a copy of the freshly made repress of the Diserzione "quando si sentirà l'ultimo rimbombo..." 1982 demo on wax, courtesy again of Lovehate80. I was too slow with the first press that came out two years ago but luckily I was able to pre-order a copy of this press. While first one was 300 copies all on black, this time they did just 200 copies, 100 on clear and 100 on red. It comes with a huge fold out poster with pics, flyers, lyrics etc...
Don't know that much about this band. A 30 years old super obscure demo tape from a small city that luckily has been saved from the fragility of its original magnetic support. Please don't trust the claim on the cover that says "questo disco fà schifo" (this record sucks). Classic rough & dirty 80s' italian hardcore from the countryside that would have fit perfectly in the Chaos Produzioni rooster. Love the "fuck off" attitude of this band. Highly recommended if you're into the good ol'days of our boot shaped stupid peninsula or good hardcore/punk in general.

giovedì 12 settembre 2013

ZOUO interview 2011

Great in depth interview with japanese legendary band Zouo. Taken from MRR#338, July 2011.

mercoledì 11 settembre 2013


In my previous post I've mentioned Medellin. Recently Fuck Yoga Records has repressed two classics from the early 90s' scene outta that town. Unlike the recent Restos De Tragedia and Bastardos Sin Nombre discography lps, here they did the right thing. Perfect reproductions of the originals. Nothing more, nothing less. Yeah, you guessed right. I'm not a big fan of a big vinyl that collect small vinyls.
Let's start with the Ataque De Sonido "s/t" ep. 7 outbursts of super raw and primitive noisecore that's deeply rooted in hardcore. This stuff reminds me a lot early 90s' european noise bands that I used to listen to 20 years ago (shit, I'm old). Quite similar also to their townmates Imagen. Indeed it's not a coincidence that they shared the same guitar player. Definitely not on my top 5 when it comes to Colombian hardcore, but nonetheless a totally worth owning record. Weird note: their name came from the spanish translation of an Hawkwind song, "sonic attack".
Great reproduction of the OG, plus it comes with a small insert with liner notes by band members and a couple of rare pics. 100 on clear, 400 on black. As you can see I got the ltd version. While my hunt for an original first press copy continues, I'm fine with this.
The Herpes "medellin" 7". Probably the weirdest record that came out from that scene. We're still in the noisecore territory but more on the metal side of it. If your brain is able to think to an even dirtier version of Parabellum on acid that's trying to cover a Hawkind tune, then you're quite close to Herpes. This is so noisy, heavy and distorted that in the end it sounds like the worst acid trip nightmare you could ever have. Uber brutal and rough stuff that's definitely not for everyone.
Of course it looks exactly like a perfect reproduction of the original. My copy is one the 100 out there on clear wax. The rest of the press it's on good ol'black wax. Now please repress the Rasix ep so I don't have to shell out 100 bucks for it!

lunedì 26 agosto 2013

Tercer Mundo

Is mexican punk/hardcore still hyped? I'm out of touch with the scene today and I find it hard to keep up with all the new bands/flavour of the month. Although I remember that a few years ago suddenly everyone started to pay attention to all the amazing bands that came out of Mexico. Bands like Inservibles, Ratas Del Vaticano & Los Monjo were mentioned everywhere. A big role in that must be conferred to Cintas Pepe Records and its debut release: the amazing "Brutales Matanzas" compilation lp. I was lucky enough to score a copy directly from the label thanx to the hint of a friend. Otherwise I would have never heard of it. Its a shame that it was a one time limited press of only 300 copies since more people need to hear it. Probably the most solid compilation of all unknown new bands that surfaced out of the hardcore scene in a LONG time. It's not a surprise that it gained immediately a cult status and it's already a sought after collector item.
Last year Cintas Pepe released its third effort: the Tercer Mundo "s/t" 7". I didn't pay enough attention and I've discovered it only a few months ago. Thanx Quetzalcoatl I was able to get a copy from a distro recently for a fair price. Like all the other Cintas Pepe release it's limited to 300 copies and a lots of greedy collectors are lookin' for it. Tercer Mundo are two guys from Monterrey that used to be in Ratas Del Vaticano. This record captures perfectly the anger and the frustration of living in a country devastated by a violent & endless drug war. So in an era where punk/hardcore has become a parody of itself and where almost all modern punk/HC bands are full of careless cynic postmodern types or uber-militant crusty dudes that pretent to be some sort of saviours of the world while in reality they care only about tattoos and doing drugs, a band like Tercer Mundo is a breeze of fresh air. Normal young people that live in a shitty and dangerous environment that forces them to write music to release their rage and dissatisfaction. This sounds so raw and pissed off because it has been recorded in a recent version of what used to be the Medellin hopeless scenario in the early 90s. Indeed the comparsion with bands like BSN or Restos De Tragedia it's too easy to do. If you need more recent reference, think to Otan from Spain. 
As it goes for all the solid records out there, not only it sounds great, but it also looks awesome. Black ink over brown paper with a few hints of red. It comes with a small booklet with lyrics and lots of corpse pictures from the aforementioned drug war that's still not over. Now go party with your punk friends.

lunedì 19 agosto 2013

La Krudeza No Muere

I can't remember the last time I bought a record based solely on the label's description. I did it all the time during the whole 90s'. Record reviews, endless thanks lists and mail order catalogues were basically my main source of information back in those days. But in the last 10+ years things have dramatically changed and, for the better or worse, it's almost impossible to buy a record without listen to at least one track out of it before getting it. Of course this helps a lot when it comes to avoid to fill your collection with too much crappy records. On the other side, I must admit that I'm missing the surprise factor, if you know what I mean. So, when I got the last LVEUM newsletter where Paco mentioned he just released a LP by a new peruvian band DHK titled "la krudeza no muere", I decided to give it a try based solely on Paco's words. I like his label and I trust his tastes. That was enough for me. And I'm not disappointed at all. Solid, straight forward punk/hc with no frills and lots of energy. Of course it's raw as fuck but don't expect a fuzz fest (even if it has been mastered at the legendary Tokyo's Noise Room). This is raw, simple and direct music like you can expect from a south american punk/hc band. Sincere music played by pissed off normal kids that don't need to dress the typical punk uniform and pretend to be rebels by acting weird & crazy. This is real hardcore played by real people, not bored rich western white kids alternative boring shit.

sabato 3 agosto 2013

RUPTURE interview 1997

Rupture needs no introduction: top notch pissed off hardcore from perth with extremely offensive and provocative lyrics and attitude. Taken from swedish fanzine Absurd#5, originally printed around 1997. I've re-typed it since my scan are partially unreadable!
What made you become the group of self-destructive nihilist you are, playing awful rock-music with lyrics about lust and hate, when you could be proper god fearing family fathers, taking care of children and all that? How could it go so wrong? Tell me about yor childhoods please!
Zombo: When I was a kid and in school I was a terrorist. Nowdays I channel my energies into something constructive. Or shall I say destructive! I'm in this strictly for kicks. My upbringing was a modest and a good one and contrary to much p.c. mentality I don't attach myself to causes 'cos my parents drove around in BMW's. Actually, they drove around in space ships.
Stumblefuck: I was brought up in a devil cult and I was the human pass-the-parcel and I got buttfucked long and hard by clergymen, police chiefs and magistrates all through my brutal childhood. My father was a freemason and he forced me to eat the shit out of his arsehole many times, my mother was always exposing my penis in front of my friends and fondling it in public. one day I stood up and declared "Enough is enough!" and fucked off and started RUPTURE and now I am a satanic nihilistic freemason too. I know all the secret handshakes. Now I'm the giver, not the taker.

What do your parents think aobut you and the music you play?
Zombo: Yes, very pleased. Absolutely ecstatic in fact!
Stumblefuck: They both still fuck'n'suck me on demand, so I s'pose that means they still find me sexually attractive. Or maybe they're just punkrockers at heart.

Heard that you kicked out Mikko from the band, why?
Zombo: 3 years on this hardly seems to matter Mikko 47 copped a bit of rejection in his hippy peer group for associating with such notoriously uncouth fellows as ourselves. Frankly, he was loosing his touch! A drummer has to believe in the circle N brotherhood to qualifiy for us.
Stumblefuck: Because he's too skinny, and he likes DINOSAUR JR.

Tell us about your new records "Sex, Drugs and Rupture", "Filthy Habit" and "Gospel from the Gutter". Do you have any upcoming releases?
Zombo: "Sex, Drugs and Rupture" took a week to do at death Rooster with grand priest Al Smith The Red Baron and woshipful brother Col were also present, as were also select members of the media. The vocal duties gave us the opportunity to partake of much Jack Daniels and bookers. The ounce got smoked mainly in the toilet block. The music shop next door was run by christians who called the cops on us, it got real ugly. The final mix was achieved on Corpus Christi day. June 2nd day if mockery of the feast of the flesh and blood of christ. "Filthy Habit" was made up on the spot and recorded in one night, exactly one year before, again for Corpus Christi day. Many of our EPs are done this way. Coming soon from us is a full lenght CD/ LP called "Australia Day", another very important day for us. Spontaneous recordings are almost always done at Hundskit Studios with none other than Grand Priest Stumblefuck himself presiding. The story of "Filthy Habit" is a funny one. It caused outrage with the censorshit board, they seized our artwork/ lyrics and destroyed'em. But Harry Miles bootleged'em for our "limited edition" in murky blue.
Stumblefuck: Well what can I say, all our releases areultimate mindfuck classic. Sheer creative and intellectual genius, actually. We are presently in the process of making up a whole new set of new psychotic ballistic tunes for a new studio CD/ LP release, possibly on Relapse Records. We've also got a shitload of EP releases happening right now, on Slap A Ham, Bad Card, Incognito, Regurgitated Semen etc...which should be out soon. I've just released the new HEIST CD on my label "Big Fred Rec's" and next up I'm putting out a new BEAST IN HEAT studio CD (This one includes me + Zombo, also King Ovey on vocals and a junkie named Harry Miles on drums).

A friend of Mikael Bomark told me that you had problems in the band and that it would not be surprisinf if you split up, what do you say about those rumors?
Zombo: RUPTURE have seen turbulent waters over the years. We know now more than ever that we're in it to the end. We've created this freud stein and there aint no turning back.
Stumblefuck: They're all true. We all hate each others guts! The only thing that keeps it together are the backstage sluts!

Also heard that the "Rupture HQ" actually is Zombo's mothers apartment, true?
Zombo: This is very strange indeed. You funky Sweded have good imaginations! The "HQ" thing started out as something, now it is just a rough term for wherever we happen to live at the time.
Stumblefuck: No, actually it is my luxury penthouse apartment. Zombo's mother lives in a recycling bin and we couldn't all fit in together. Besides, her vagina smells and her flaps protrude too much.

In Sweden we are always told that drugs are very dangerous. I guess you should know whether that is true or not by now, so please tell us what do you think! Does a frequent drug use make the sexual lust disappear, for example?
Zombo: Only frequent heroin use depletes the sexual instinct, as we have seen to be the case with many dead-fucks. Fortunately I have never touched the shit. I do however like my herb, and believe that it enhances the sexual lust quite satisfactorily. I'm also not adverse to the odd whack'o jimme.
Stumblefuck: No, on the contrary, drugs have turned me into rapist. But I just wanna say to all the kids in Sweden PLEASE, DO NOT TAKE DRUGS!! Drugs are evil!

Tell us about your most exciting, or most terrifying, drug experience.
Zombo: My name comes from a drug experience. My 18 th birthday party with mushrooms, a keg of beer and a keg of hallucinogenic moonshine. I suppose I'll tell that one to ya if I catch up with ya, it's like a tripping joke, y'know.
Stumblefuck: My most terrifying drug experience was getting arrested while peaking on magic mushrooms.I was thrown into lock-up with my brain turned into gas and my arms and legs dripping everywhere. It was like I was astral.projected to Gilligan's Island when suddenly this fat drunken aborigene raped my ass. Then I had to take a dump in front of everyone.

I heard that you, Andrew, got a shit sent by mail after the interview in Riot! How did you react when you opened the packet? Do you know who sent it? Do you get much hate mail?
Zombo: We LIKE hate mail! Too much = not enough!
Stumblefuck: I reckon it was one of Pablo's poof-pals. Or maybe ANTI-SYSTEM.

Also heard that Andrews home got raided by the police in search of snuff movies. Did they find any?
Zombo: They didn't find any.
Stumblefuck: No, but they found heaps of homemade paedo-porn!

You've done some co-operations with DROPDEAD. What do you think about these guys? Did you meet them when they did tour australia? Does their idealistic stance annoy you? Fave DROPDEAD lyric?
Zombo: I can't comment on them since I have not seen/meet them. This question applies to Gus/ Andrew, like the two before this one.
Stumblefuck: DROPDEAD are jewish fags! They didn't come to Perth when they were in australia so I didn't get to meet them.
No actually their idealistic stance does not annoy me at all. I think they are true cultural revolutionaries and my favourite DROPDEAD lyric is this one:
"Twenty million rabbits get their arses fucked every second/ And a hundred billion women get raped every two seconds/ War is atrocious/ Love thy fellow homosexual"
Yes, it is a beautiful philosophical statement! And I think Bob is really sexy.

Which are your fave movies? Have you heard of the famous swedish director Micke Eklof? Have you seen "Heta Linjen Horan"?
Zombo: I have heard of Micke. I dunno if I have seen the flick. have you met Ravolo Yates? (Yeah, I met him down the pub last night /ED). Did you know that Caren's got barnacles stuck to his ball sack?
Stumblefuck: My favourite movie is "The Green Slime". No, I haven't seen "Heta Linjen Horar" but I've seen "Headjob Helga Does Goteborg". (Cunts who draw dots over "o's" must be fags).

What do you fantasize about while masturbating?
Zombo: Me Me Lai's delectable little ass. And those pert titties of her. Where are you, Me Me?
Stumblefuck: My mother. No! my father! No! Cheap Thai prepubescent hookers!!! Yes! Oooo- ooh- aaahhh!!!

What do you think about GG Allin? Was he God, just an interesting phenomena or plainly a pathetic poser?
Zombo: Most of the stuff is right on. But he doesn't give me an erection, if that is what you mean. Plenty of dumb folks idolize him, of course.
Stumblefuck: I consider him a very angst-(unreadable word) young man who made a lot of good punk rock songs and had a lot of good things to say. Unfortunately he was also a raging queen and he sucked his brothers cock. Now that's a "no-no" in my books!!

How is the scene in your local area? Bands, zines etc? Anything interesting happening down in Perth? Do you know the guys in HEIST; CHICKENSHIT, NAILED DOWN etc?
Zombo: HEIST are in the RUPTURE brotherhood currently undertaking teachings in the 3rd grade. Dirty Dan was gonna join on 2nd guitar, but this did not happen. Trav and Cam from CHICKENSHIT drink beer and they're OK. As far as the bands and the scene, coulden't give two shits. RUPTURE are the scene. NAILED DOWN bobbed Gus in to the pigs and plagiarize our ideas. Dick Diamond from BROWN DEMON drums for us now. Me and Stumbs keep busy with BEAST, who are a lot different than RUPTURE.
Stumblefuck: The scene here sux 'cos there's no venues and also there's too many fags. Lots of good bands like us, BEAST IN HEAT, HEIST, BROWN DEMON, HOSTILE SAUSAGE, CHICKENSHIT, DEAD BABIES IN VOMIT, WHITE TRASH etc. No zines worth mentioning. Yes we are all good mates and get fucked up quite regularly. At the other end of the credability-spectrum, however we have bands like NAILED DOWN who suck cock. There's no room for peace-punks in this town. As soon as they raise their ugly faggot whining heads, we pound the fuck outa'em and run'em outa town!!! PC poofs need immediate extermination!

There are 10 minute or something from a gig on the "Sex, Drugs and Rupture" CD, why did it fuck up? Did you play any songs?
Zombo: About 50 people showed u ad we whipped'em into a frenzy. Later they tried to take us on (in the beer garden mate). Yes, we played some miserable versions, they turned up on "Gospel".
Stumblefuck: That was a gig we played at a dump near the beach called the "Castle Hotel" a couple of years ago. We were "too loud" and the manager kept pulling out the plug so we couldn't even play a song and he had all his bouncers around the stage waiting to smack the fuck out of us so we just abused the cunts and whipped up our legions of fans into a riot and we all totally trashed the place and I went home and ordered a pizza.

How is Yeah, Mate! Records going? It seems not to be very active these days. Will the "Really Stoned" and "Fuck the Eastern State Faggots..." comp. records ever be released?
Zombo: Eventually we will all have our own labels so we can each persue interests indulge desires and whims. I'll be pedding my fucked up art in the form of wall posters beginnings with the "Lust and Hate" one plate 6 I'm working now on the 11th plate. This project is an ongoing one and began long before RUPTURE. Some RUPTURE fans might like it, who knows?
Stumblefuck: If Gus can ever pull that rubber dildo out of his leather clad arse he might one day get around to getting his label cranked up and running. But that's his baby, it's in his hands. (answer continues but unfortunatey is unreadable)

That was all the questions I could come up with, any last words of wisdom for our readers?
Zombo:In the words of the Old Teacher :"Get knowledge, get wisdom but with all thy gettings get understanding". Our philosophy will always endure, it's the antithesis os safe environmentally friendly rock'n'roll. The skirt wearers that play punk these days are about as much a threat to society as the average Top 40 boppers (I'm not talking about girl punk groups). To all our detractors, thank you. It's cunts like you who truly make us great! Power to the initiated!
Stumblefuck: Yes, how about this: "As regards little girls, wecan say of them that they feel greatly at didadvantage owing to their lack of a big visible penis" (Sigmund Freud, 1917)