giovedì 21 settembre 2017

The leader of the fuckin assholes

Not being a big fan of UK punk/hc bands in general, I've skipped the first two issues of Negative Insight'zine. But their third effort got my attention as soon as they mentioned its not so imminent publication over a year ago. I guess everyone was excited about it since it comes with the first official reissue of one of the most fundamental record ever: Skitslickers "GBG 82" 7". If you're reading this blog, I suppose you're already familiar with this unfuckwithable masterpiece so I wont waste your time with too many useless words. It's one of the top 5 best HC eps ever. Period. Also, I was happy with my late 90s bootleg of it so I didn't buy this for the record. I've bought it for the 'zine. Not the cheapest 'zine you'll find around for sure, but worth every penny. Pro-printed in full sized glossy paper, it comes also with a huge Skitslickers poster. Focused on the early 80s' Gotheburg scene, it shows through every page that the editor knows what's he's talking about and is very passionate about it. It starts with very good interviews with Absurd (although, I would have loved to discover more about the rumours of the singer becoming a priest!!) & Disarm. Then you'll get a lot of "behind the scene" pictures from photographer Sebastian Todor. But the cherry on the cake is of course the very long and in depth chat with Lasse, the singer of Skitslickers, where he goes into details about the concept behind the band and you'll discovered a lot of unexpected infos about their attitude. Then you'll get another long one with the other swedish hc institution: the mighty Anti-Cimex. Here drummer Charlie tells a lot about their eps days. Another highlight of NI#3 is the report of the infamous Anti-Cimex/Agoni Chainsaw tour of the UK that happened in 1986. All written by point of view of the organizer & various direct witnesses (including well-known names of the UK scene from back then) of every single date. All in all, a high quality publication that I'd strictly recommend to everyone out there. I think they pressed a lot of copies but I'd get it as soon as possible since this will be sold out quickly. Too bad the next issue will be again focused on something I don't care at all... 

mercoledì 6 settembre 2017


Very early interview with japanese noise masters Gore Beyond Necropsy when they had just released a demo! Taken from japanese 'zine No Deception#3 from 1992. Arigatou to Jum for providing the goods once again!