mercoledì 31 dicembre 2014

2014 End Of The Year List

While in the last two years I've skipped this tradition, this time I feel in the "write top tens" mood, so here's my 2014 end of the year list. I still need to get physical copies of a few of these records, so get in touch if you can help (expecially with the Oily Boys ep). Casual order of course but Tercer Mundo lp & Oily Boys are definitely my favourite releases of 2014. I'm very surprised that there's no japanese bands in this list (if we exclude Forward split). I might have lost interest in the nipponic current scene but I haven't heard that much good stuff from there this year. Have I missed something? 2014 has been an amazing year expecially for finally being able to score some rare stuff that was on my wantlist for way too long. Hope this trend will continue next year!


-Forward/Teargas split
-Violent Reaction "dead end"
-Arms Race "gotta get out"
-Urbanoia "psykisk terror"
-Una Bestia Incontrolable "nou mòn"
-Oily Boys "majesty"
-Vermaio & Spasma eps


-Tercer Mundo "ser nosotros mismos"
-Inmates "s/t"
-Wetbrain "s/t"
-Gutter Gods "innersense"
-Internal Rot "mental hygene"
-Antimob "s/t"


-Blasfemia "guerra total" lp
-Terveet Kadet "s/t" lp
-The Fix "vengeance/ jan's room" 2x7"
-Anti Cimex lps
-Cider "out to get me" 7"
-Nerorgasmo  "s/t" 7"


-Nightmare "give notice to nightmare" lp
-Infest "slave" lp
-Elbow Deep/ Three Found Dead split lp
-Fatal Rage "s/t" lp
-Bastardos Sin Nombre "guerra bacteriologica" 7"
-Restos De Tragedia both 7"s

sabato 27 dicembre 2014


Here's a bunch of cool original Atoxxxico flyers scans that I got from a very kind japanese collector (thanx Jum!)

lunedì 22 dicembre 2014

Psykisk Terror

A few months ago I've mentioned here the great norwegian band Urbanoia. Well, their second ep "Psykisk Terror" has been finally released circa a month ago, courtesy of a cooperation between the swedish label D-Takt & Rapunk and the american Solar Funeral Records. While aesthetically this release is extremely similar to their previous effort, when it comes to the music these young & pissed off norwegians show a more USHC approach to their songwriting this time, yet maintaining a connection with their regional roots (thanx Odin they still sing in their native language!). The final result sounds like the mongoloid child that would born from a nasty intercourse between Poison Idea (Pick Your King era) & Svart Framtid. And it's for sure one of the best ep released this year. Too bad it's again a very short release that ends too time I want more songs! 

venerdì 12 dicembre 2014

Dead Friends

What went wrong in Portland, Oregon? I mean, before being crusties' paradise, it used to unleash some of the fiercest USHC bands back in 80s'. Of course I'm pretty confident that you're all familiar with Poison Idea. But there were also Final Warning & Portland's most hated band, Lockjaw. The last one self-released two awesome eps between 1982-83 that contained a good dose of perfectly executed yet sometimes sloppy thrash/hc/punk. Unfortunately with a provocative attitude & songs titled "she's a slut", "Go Back" and my favourite "No Ⓐ", they didn't make many friends. I guess that dumb punks were not ready back then (and still aren't) to being provoked themselves. So of course everyone ended up hating them. I've indeed heard stories of a couple of stores that destroyed all their copies of Lockjaw's records they had in stock!
Straight forward to 30 years later and Lockjaw has reached a cult status, even if haters are still hating, and the originals, printed in mere quantities, have of course become expansive collectors items. In the repressing frenzy we've been all witnessing in these last 10+ years, it took a spanish label, Antitodo Records, to have the guts to reprint Lockjaw second effort, "dead friends" 7". A perfect reproduction of the original. 300 on clear, 200 on grey wax. Since there are around also test presses for their debut ep "shock value", I'm quite confident that it won't take that much until even the repress of their debut will see the light.

mercoledì 3 dicembre 2014

SAIRAAT MIELET interview 2003

Interesting chat with Sairaat Mielet, a criminally underrated sxe band from finland that was around during late '80s/early '90s. Taken from Short, Fast & Loud #10, summer '03.