lunedì 22 dicembre 2014

Psykisk Terror

A few months ago I've mentioned here the great norwegian band Urbanoia. Well, their second ep "Psykisk Terror" has been finally released circa a month ago, courtesy of a cooperation between the swedish label D-Takt & Rapunk and the american Solar Funeral Records. While aesthetically this release is extremely similar to their previous effort, when it comes to the music these young & pissed off norwegians show a more USHC approach to their songwriting this time, yet maintaining a connection with their regional roots (thanx Odin they still sing in their native language!). The final result sounds like the mongoloid child that would born from a nasty intercourse between Poison Idea (Pick Your King era) & Svart Framtid. And it's for sure one of the best ep released this year. Too bad it's again a very short release that ends too time I want more songs! 

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