sabato 14 giugno 2014


Another medellin record deleted from my want list: Fertil Miseria second ep titled "cadenas" (chains), self-released by the band back in 1994. What we got here is another lethal dose of medellin HC not too different from bands like IxRxAx or Rasix. So do not expect ultra-raw and noisy stuff like their more extreme countrymates Imagen or Restos De Tragedia. This is pure political hardcore (no metal or grind influences) with the typical south american sound. Not sure if this band is the natural evolution of Crimen Impune (a band that appeared only on the "la ciudad podrida" compilation lp), but it features Vicky, the same female singer. Actually, 3/4 of Fertil Miseria members were gals, which is quite unusual for that era. The only male member used to play guitar also on HP.HC, so you know this band rules. Comes with the typical poly sleeve, insert and one of the cheesiest artwork ever. Luckily back cover looks way better. After a 10 years hiatus, the band has been active again since 2005 and played shows even in europe.