lunedì 18 agosto 2014

Noise In Your Head

Archaic debut ep "noise in your head", courtesy of LVEUM, is a new project that involves a guitarist from Berlin (Marco, ex LADM, La Piovra, Smart Cops & many others), a singer from Barcelona (Guille, ex Invasion/ Destino Final) & a drummer from Venice (Mattia, ex La Piovra). I met Marco a couple of times more than 10 years ago (nice guy) and since then I've always kept an eye on his various projects. Archaic is my favourite since the long gone L'Amico Di Martucci days. But don't expect something similar. These three tunes are way more experimental. LVEUM described it as a mix between Fogna & Destino Final (d'uh). Archaic indeed remind a more industrial version of Fogna with reverbed vocals. Guille creepy lyrics fit perfectly with the music, making it sounds even more gloomy if this is possible. One of the most interesting & original record I've got in a long time. Got the limited orange (this is orange, I don't know why people keep calling this colour "gold") version that looks awesome with the minimalistic black cover/insert. Hope this project will turn into something more serious and to see more stuff coming out under the Archaic monicker.

giovedì 14 agosto 2014

RABIA interview 1994

Going thru my zine collection to find something for this month, I've found an interview with the mighty Rabia. Obscure japanese noisecore mainly influenced by the rawest south american hardcore bands. Featuring members of C.F.D.L., they released only "por que?" demo and "pecado contra natura" 7" on Overthrow that I still need badly. Taken from MRR#134 (all japan issue).

mercoledì 6 agosto 2014

Svart Sement

Norway might be mainly known for being the home of black metal of course, but it also has a nice hardcore scene. For sure it has never been as prolific as its scandinavian counterparts, but there's no doubt that, back in the early 80s', a handful of excellent bands released some quality stuff, mainly under the legendary X-Port Plater label. In more recent years there has been a couple of awesome norwegian bands (Insurance Risk & Shipwrecked), but these were more boston hardcore oriented. No one has been able to reproduce the typical (or should I say trve??) norwegian hardcore sound in the right way (even if some tried). Until Urbanoia released their "svart sement" ep last year. Pressed in a mere quantity of 200 copies by the band itself, these four tracks keep the Svart Framtid legacy alive and bloody healthy. Seriously, if someone told me this was a lost recording session of the aforementioned band, I would have blindly believed it. Aesthetically also the cover seems to be a tribute to the Betong Hysteria ep with that font and the spherical picture. A great debut ep for sure that is also a well done homage to the traditional norwegian sound but it's solid enough to stand on it own. A new ep is impending and should be out pretty soon on D-Takt in europe and Solar Funeral in the states.