venerdì 24 febbraio 2012

Total Noise Core

I've been waiting for this record for over a month. Apparently, the guy I've bought my copy from was out of town for about three weeks and asked his girlfriend to ship all his parcels. Of course she didn't do it. Never trust a woman.
What we got here could easily become the noisecore record of the year (well, technically this was released on 31/12/2011, but c'mon...). Just look at the puerile artwork and labels, if you're not excited like a schoolgirl about dumb stuff like this, I feel sorry for you! When it comes to make records looking cool without being too fancy, Hardcore Survives has no contenders. I love their coloured dust sleeves that always match perfectly with the artwork. 
Thanx Buddha not only this ep looks cool, it also contains awesome music (or should I'd better say noise?). I do really appreciate that, while both Control and Stagnation are influenced by the usual suspects (Confuse and Disorder, respectively), they are not ruining their sound by hyper-distorting everything (like lots of japanese bands have done in the last 4-5 years). For sure the guitars sound like chainsaws, but under the fuzz you can also enjoy the structure of the songs. So the final result are some memorable tunes, not a simple blur of generic noise. Get this one before its too late!!

domenica 19 febbraio 2012

DEATH SENTENCE (australia) interview 2006

Great interview conducted a few years ago with one of my top five ever favourite aussie band: the legendary Death Sentence. If you haven't heard their mighty "Ryan Thanx for the Support" 7", do yourself a favor and go hunting a copy immediately! Originally featured in great oz zine Mind Control#3 (I'm still looking for #2, if you can help, hook me up!)

domenica 12 febbraio 2012

Nobody Likes A Thinker

It has been bloody cold in the last two weeks. Temperatures rarely went over 0° and we got snow too. I do really hate winter. Everything get slower. Of course it has been a perfect excuse to avoid updating this blog in the last weeks. But, on the other side, my worst enemy, the damn poste italiane, also seems to be slower than usual in these days (not that they are that efficient when weather is nice and warm). I've been waiting for a couple of parcels for some weeks now but there's still no sign of life in my mailbox. Thanx Allah this weekend we got the local record fair in Milano so at least I got some new wax to avoid going through a vinyl withdrawal...

Last time I was there it was quite disappointing. The only good score was a Void/ Faith split (french press), for the rest I just got some boring represses. Not that there wasn't hot stuff, but it was way too overpriced for my pockets. This time it was better. I went with a friend early in the morning since we thought there would be less people around. Of course every other smart ass record nerd got the same bloody idea so it was packed as hell!
Anyway, here's the new kids on the block:
Let's start in Sydney, Orstralia. Year of the lord 1986. Massappeal's debut full length "nobody likes a thinker". This record has been in my want list for some years now so I'm glad to finally own a copy in excellent condition for a fair price. Not sure if the purple cover is the first or the second press. All I know is that it looks way cooler than the white one. What else can I say? If you're not familiar with these guys, definitely check this out. Top notch fast hardcore in the classic mid 80s tradition. I'm pretty sure someone would call it crossover, but I'm not sure if I'll go that far....
Let's cross the Pacific Ocean and, almost around the same time, the mexican scene was unleashing two excellent bands: Histeria and Masacre 68. This is a repress of the original split 7" with lots of extra tunes. It came out in 2K. I know, I know picture disk sucks. But this is a hell of a record if you like your south american hardcore. Raw and direct in your face brutal shit. Sleeve is a two-sided printed sheet with artwork on one side and liner notes and track lists on the other one. It's on bad quality and extremely thin paper, so it was pretty damaged and required an immediate treatment to prevent further damages. I've put a thick piece of cardboard between it and the record to avoid that it deteriorates even more in the future.  
Back to Italy. Even if in the early 90s' I used to hang out sporadically with this guy that everyone called "Kina" ('coz he was a big fan of them), I've never gave them a chance during all these years. My loss since Kina debut album "realtà irreale" is a solid record with lyrics that seems to be smarter than your average annoying militant band from italy of that era. This copy is missing its xeroxed lyric sheet that originally came with the record and the cover shows signs of the time but for 10 eurobucks I can easily affirm I've made a good score. 
Last but definitely not least, the repress of the uber-rare finnish classic Kaaos/Cadgers split ep. I love finnish hardcore and this is definitely one of its finest moment. Of course it's not the original first press that came out for P.Tuotanto in 1982 and now goes for big bucks. But at least its the official repress on Anomie from 2005. A perfect reproduction of the original and I've even been lucky enough to get the limited red vinyl, so I won't complain at all. In case you live under a rock and don't know it, Cadgers renamed themselves Riistetyt after this very record.