venerdì 24 febbraio 2012

Total Noise Core

I've been waiting for this record for over a month. Apparently, the guy I've bought my copy from was out of town for about three weeks and asked his girlfriend to ship all his parcels. Of course she didn't do it. Never trust a woman.
What we got here could easily become the noisecore record of the year (well, technically this was released on 31/12/2011, but c'mon...). Just look at the puerile artwork and labels, if you're not excited like a schoolgirl about dumb stuff like this, I feel sorry for you! When it comes to make records looking cool without being too fancy, Hardcore Survives has no contenders. I love their coloured dust sleeves that always match perfectly with the artwork. 
Thanx Buddha not only this ep looks cool, it also contains awesome music (or should I'd better say noise?). I do really appreciate that, while both Control and Stagnation are influenced by the usual suspects (Confuse and Disorder, respectively), they are not ruining their sound by hyper-distorting everything (like lots of japanese bands have done in the last 4-5 years). For sure the guitars sound like chainsaws, but under the fuzz you can also enjoy the structure of the songs. So the final result are some memorable tunes, not a simple blur of generic noise. Get this one before its too late!!

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