sabato 30 dicembre 2017

2017 End Of The Year list

Haven't posted anything this month even if I made some great scores recently. Being busy/not feeling inspired were the main reasons for the lack of posts. Anyhow, 2017 has been a decent year I guess. About record collecting, my trend of not caring about new releases is stronger than ever. I've bought very few new releases and only five of them made an impression. Do I have missed something worth checkin out? On the other side, there has been some long due awesome represses and I've managed to delete from my wantlist lots of stuff that was on it for way too long. It's also worth mentioning that the best score this years were made via trade. I haven't done as many trades as this year in 10+ years. I hope this will keep going in the future. Nothing better than scoring a rare record without shelling out a single euro!

New releases:
-PERVERTED CEREMONY "sabbat of Behezael" lp
-SACRIFICIO "pulidores de tumbas" lp

Represses/ Discographies:
-ATOXXXICO demos lp + punks de mierda 7"
-GAUZE lps
-EKHYMOSIS & NEMESIS 7" (keep rare colombian metal represses coming!)
-NURSE discography lp

-WRETCHED "in nome...", NERORGASMO 7", INDIGESTI "osservati.." lp & SHOTGUN SOLUTION 7"
-Got back tons of classic death metal/grind from my teenage years: TERRORIZER, CARBONIZED, AUTOPSY etc...