sabato 21 novembre 2015


When I've recently posted another Warsore interview, I went through all their records I own and I've decided that it's about time to finally complete my Warsore collection. One of the pieces I was missing is their split 10" with Autoritar from krautland. I got a copy when it was released but over the years I've ended up trading or selling it. Terrible mistake. Never sell anything from a band you like. At some point, you'll want it back. If we exclude the uber rare (and honestly, quite useless) split lathe cut with Egrogsid, this is the first proper slab of wax released by these melbourne grinders. Warsore to me is what Agathocles could have been if they didn't released tons of crappy and useless records. Even if this is not their best output (due to a poor mastering, comparing to "open wound" or the later split eps), this is grind/mince at its peak. Raw, simple and direct straight to your face political brutal grindcore. I'm intentionally not mentioning the band on the other side because I didn't like them 19 years ago and my opinion hasn't changed. Recently I've discovered a lot of people hate 10"s. Can't understand this expecially when you got way dumber formats like 5" & 6"....anyhow, I still need their split 7"s with Unholy Grave and Nee! Get in touch if you can help!

venerdì 6 novembre 2015

Vivere Nell' Incubo

I've already said all I had to say about Wretched "la tua morte non aspetta" 12" here so I'll keep it short this time. Recently I got the opportunity to upgrade my copy with an original first press through a trade with a local record dealer and of course I didn't miss the opportunity. I'm not into owning tons of variation of every single record I like a lot but sometimes you gotta make an exception for something special. Now I'm indeed starting to think about tracking down the transparent wax version of the first press. Then I'll be done I guess. Not very happy about the cover conditions but all the copies I've seen over the years were in similar conditions...