mercoledì 27 gennaio 2016

MELLAKKA interview 1984

Here's an early interview with one of my fave finnish band. Not the best interview ever but still quite informative and interesting. Taken from Phoenix From The Crypt#4 from 1984.

giovedì 21 gennaio 2016

12 Distorted Truth For The Dumb

The unholy trinity that brought us Nemesis first & second eps a few years ago (a.k.a. Solar Funeral, Ratcage & Flower Of Carnage Records), teamed up again to reissue Bandit "heathen rock" cd from 1991 on vinyl for the very first time. Bandit was a name that I remembered from some old japanese fliers from late '80s/ early '90s or saw it mentioned somewhere. But I've never made an effort to discover something about them. For sure a band that generally didn't get the attention they deserved. Pretty sure it has something to do with the fact that they released stuff on cd only. Yeah, a very dumb reason for not giving a band a try. I'm quite confident that this band would have been huge & cult if their stuff was released on wax back then. Anyhow, after reading a description I've ordered it directly, basing myself solely on the the fact that it was released by labels I trust. And I wasn't disappointed at all. Superb japanese hardcore comparable to the more thrash oriented bands like Systematic Death & Lip Cream. Perhaps a bit sloppier but with the same level of intensity of the aforementioned japanese hardcore institutions. Hopefully this reissue will do them justice. Comes with Sugi artwork and a full-coloured 12 pages booklet filled with pictures, fliers and all the infos you need. Essential if you consider yourself a japanese hardcore fanatic.

mercoledì 13 gennaio 2016

Tu Tienes La Razon

I must admit that 2016 started quite well when it comes to record collecting. I've been indeed able to finally secure a copy of Atoxxxico "tu tienes la razon" lp, released back in 1990 by Puro Pinche Ruido Records (which I assume was run by one of the Atoxxxico member). It's been on my wantlist for a very long time but I was able to get a copy for the price I wanted to pay only recently. As I always say, being patient pays off. Here we're talking about the one and only album released by one of the most iconic  punk/hc band from the first wave of punk mexicanos. Raw & abrasive ruido but at the same time catchy as fuck & with an unique songwriting. The final result is very memorable. Better than their legendary debut ep "punks de mierda" if you ask me. Along with Xenofobia & Masacre 68, one of the most influencial mexican harcore band ever. It gets also extra points for being the very first record with a Fear Of God cover on it (according to Erich Keller). Members of Atoxxxico also played in other legendary mexican bands such as Cacofonia, Anarchus, Masacre 68, Histeria & AK47. Their singer Alejandro "El Mosh" was also a student leader so Atoxxxico ended up playing at UNAM (Mexico City university) quite a few times whenever the students occupied it! The band is still active. I've seen somewhere a flier of a gig they are going to play soon with Xenofobia & Masacre 68! Now that's a reunion that I wouldn't miss if I could afford a ticket to's some of their old fliers I've posted last year...

venerdì 8 gennaio 2016

You Walk Alone

I hate 95% of sXe hardcore and usually I try to avoid to post records that are already posted in EVERY other goddamn blog out there. But since these days I do get a new release every other eon, I couldn't miss the opportunity when I finally got one. Yeah, it's the No Tolerance "you walk alone" lp. You've waited for it for the whole 2015. By now you've already listened to it and you already felt in love with it. Another proof that the usual suspects from Boston can do no wrong. As you can see, I got the UK press on limited blue wax that should be already worth a lot by current collectors standards. Comes with the thickest insert I've ever seen. Seriously, it must have taken a couple of trees just to have enough paper to print a single insert!