mercoledì 13 gennaio 2016

Tu Tienes La Razon

I must admit that 2016 started quite well when it comes to record collecting. I've been indeed able to finally secure a copy of Atoxxxico "tu tienes la razon" lp, released back in 1990 by Puro Pinche Ruido Records (which I assume was run by one of the Atoxxxico member). It's been on my wantlist for a very long time but I was able to get a copy for the price I wanted to pay only recently. As I always say, being patient pays off. Here we're talking about the one and only album released by one of the most iconic  punk/hc band from the first wave of punk mexicanos. Raw & abrasive ruido but at the same time catchy as fuck & with an unique songwriting. The final result is very memorable. Better than their legendary debut ep "punks de mierda" if you ask me. Along with Xenofobia & Masacre 68, one of the most influencial mexican harcore band ever. It gets also extra points for being the very first record with a Fear Of God cover on it (according to Erich Keller). Members of Atoxxxico also played in other legendary mexican bands such as Cacofonia, Anarchus, Masacre 68, Histeria & AK47. Their singer Alejandro "El Mosh" was also a student leader so Atoxxxico ended up playing at UNAM (Mexico City university) quite a few times whenever the students occupied it! The band is still active. I've seen somewhere a flier of a gig they are going to play soon with Xenofobia & Masacre 68! Now that's a reunion that I wouldn't miss if I could afford a ticket to's some of their old fliers I've posted last year...

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