domenica 29 maggio 2016

VIOLENT HEADACHE interview 2008

Great interview with the long running spanish grinders Violent Headache. Best grind band that ever came outta Spain! Taken from Short, Fast & Loud 'zine #19 from 2008.

mercoledì 11 maggio 2016

Terrorismo Musical

Recently I've finally knocked off from my want list a record that was on it for the longest time ever. 19 years, to be exactly. Nor an extremely rare one, neither a particularly expansive one. But for some reason this one eluded me for almost two decades! I'm talking about the Warsore/ Unholy Grave split ep that was released by Mink Records back in 1997. At first I couldn't find it from any distro. Then it got less and lesser priority and, over the years, I ended up not putting enough effort to get a copy of it. Recently I've decided that this year I will finally finish my Warsore collection. Checked online and, surprise surprise, price has risen a bit in the last few years. Sent an offer via discogs and managed to get a copy for a fair price. I was very excited when it arrived and I got an extra surprise when I discovered that I am on the Warsore thanx list for an interview I did with them around 1996. A great surprise that adds extra meaning to a record that I already love a lot. Not only Warsore has their best artwork ever here, but their material is solid as always. This band is grindcore perfection in my book and, even if this is not their best material when it comes to recording quality, it's still an excellent dose of their trademark brutal grindcore with some of the best vocals and guitar sound ever! On the other side, Unholy Grave. Honestly, I've never managed to understand the hype that surrounds this band. Over the years I've of course ended up listening to some of their numerous releases. Some were decent, most were not. But none left me an impression. And this ain't different. Badly recorded and boring music. Worth for the Warsore side only.    

mercoledì 4 maggio 2016

Les Nerfs A Vif

If with their debut ep I've been super slow, this time it went differently. I've indeed been fast enough to secure a limited version of Rixe second ep "les nerfs a vif", again on LVEUM. This continues exactly where "coups et blessures" left.  Again four trax, again four perfectly assembled oi hymns. The perfect soundtrack for your drunken sing-alongs skinhead nights. Perhaps the production is a bit dirtier this time & I would have turned up a bit vocal's volume. But the truth is that I'm just being way too anal. Perfect record again and for sure we already got a candidate for one of the best eps of the year. Comes with a big fold-out insert that has a poster on one side and lyrics on the other. First press sold out in few days, good luck finding one!