martedì 17 marzo 2015

THE FIX interview 2008

Here's an great interview with probably the best hardcore band that ever came outta USA, the Fix. Taken from Pederast Prophet#1, released around '08/'09.

venerdì 6 marzo 2015


If there's any usual reader of this blog, he (yeah, I don't think that many girls usually read this blog) should have noticed that I'm a huge Warsore fan. With the recent sad departure of Mark and Erik committing suicide around 2006, half of the band is now unfortunately gone. And it scares the shit out of me considering that those guys were around my age! Well, I guess this is an appropriate moment to reprint some of their rarest stuff. A few represses were done in recent years, some in the right way (Autoritar split & 2xcd discography) and some not so well (2 Minute Dreka split and partial discography cds). But no one has reserved this treatment to the holy grail of Warsore eps, their split with Egrogsid (which is by the way the palindrome of Disgorge if you never noticed). Originally self-released by the bands on their Violent Swing Records around 1995/6 as a lathe cut 7" limited to 100 copies only, the nice folks at BehindTheMountain Records HQ have done an excellent job. This was recorded even before their "open wound" demo so it shows Warsore in their primordial era. Their trademark sound hasn't been completely shaped, so here they sound more like a rougher noisecore version of what they will become well known for. Definitely not their best material but still an interesting listening even for the non-completists. Egrogid was another aussie band from that era that's mainly known for their Gore Beyond Necropsy split. If I remember well, they were originally from Tasmania but later moved to Melbourne. Warsore drummer & singer were original members of Egrogsid if I'm not wrong. They indeed sound bloody similar to Warsore and I must admit that I like their side even more than the Warsore one. I ordered normal version but I got one with an extra screened cover ltd to 90 copies. There's even a rarer one out there if you're into that kind of stuff.