sabato 25 gennaio 2014

Moss Piglet

99% of the time I get some promo material to review, it's utter crap. Usually, it's some unlistenable metalcore or terrible english punk. Plus, I'm too old to understand this generation's obsession for cassettes. One of the worst format ever. That being said, Prag "s/t" demo tape, self-released by the band, was quite intriguing. They're from Perth, my fave city when it comes to aussie hardcore. They feature ex/current members of Helta Skelta. They claim to be influenced mainly by swedish, finnish and italian hardcore. With those premises, I know this was going to deliver. And it bloody does. Raw & gloomy hardcore with a huge Crazy Spirit vibe. If you prefer something more detailed, think to some kind of mix between the rawest old USHC (Urban Waste & Mormons) with the aforementioned european influences. This band indeed would fit perfectly in the Toxic State label rooster. Even the artwork brings to mind some of the current bands from NY. That being said, they have enough personality to stand on their own and the final result is simply brilliant. It's not a mere coincidence that this tape is going to be reprinted soon on wax by Crucificados and a 7" has already been planned to be released soon on No Patience...

venerdì 10 gennaio 2014

Guerra Bacteriologica

What's a better way to start the new year than being finally able to cross off from your want list a record from one of your favourite band that you've been looking for too long? Well, paying it half the current price, of course! I got it from discogs, where usually records are way overpriced. My guess is that the guy I got it from didn't know too much about this record and priced it based solely on the only other copy that sold though that site (which happens to be a copy in not so good conditions, hence the good price). His loss, my gain.
Here we're talking about Bastardos Sin Nombre 1991 debut EP "guerra bacteriologica". Along with Olho Seco "botaz, fuzil..", Imagen "y ahora que?" & Ataque Frontal "s/t", this is one of the best ep that ever came out from South America. Definitely my favourite colombian band. Way faster and rougher than their second ep "brigada subterranea". Songs like "no morir si", "narcoterroristas" & "anti protistos" are total classics. I've already written a lot about the Medellin scene & socio-political situation in the early 90s' in previous posts so I guess that I don't need to go in depth about it anymore.
Not only the music rules, but also the artwork is incredible. A chained punk that arise from pacific ocean to fight a naked Bush senior with a swastika flag in his arsehole & Saddam ejaculating oil? Can't ask to something better, mate. The foldout artwork is a bit oversized so the edges show a bit of wear but I'm not so anal about record condition so I'm totally fine with it. I'm just so happy to finally own it!!
Now that my Bastardos Sin Nombre vinyl collection is complete, I guess it's time for a family picture!
Actually, there are also a couple tapes & a discography lp so here's a complete B.S.N. releases list:
-BSN "s/t" demo, 1989, self-released
-VA “estamos en la sima” comp. tape, 1989 (6 tracks)
-VA "la ciudad podrida vol. I" comp. lp, 1990 (5 tracks)
 -BSN "guerra bacteriologica" 7", 1991, Discos Fuentes
-BSN "brigada subterranea" 7" 1992, self-released
-BSN "subterraneo Medellin" discography lp, 2013, various labels

giovedì 2 gennaio 2014


Last awesome band from Australia. Pure hate filled un-pc hardcore. Interview originally featured in PM#7. Conducted w/Meatdog via mail around early '11.
Perro: How does Reckless Aggression started? What was the primary reason/ goal to make you start it?
Meatdog: Me and my pals just got sick of the same old shit bands and wanted to hear something we liked, that was stuff like Condemned 84, and united blood ep. Anthony and Dan did a demo recording called LIFES FATE who didn't quite have a solid line up at that point, but had one of the best demo tapes that'd come out of Melbourne in years, Anthony was doing vocals but i wanted to cause he's also a fucking awesome drummer, and all they needed was a drummer, the feeling was there to start something new, i wanted to fuck off out of Melbourne cause nothing was really keeping me here so i asked my friend Joel if he'd want to drum in a punk band again, and we started RA. I stayed in town and the rest is history. No goals or reason just Open season on Melbourne and it's art faggot culture and also to put a little wind up some crusts skirts.

Perro: You got your name from a White Noise lp, a record perfectly described by Mr. Beau/ Not Guilty with the following words of wisdom: "It's probably the best Oz Punk LP this side of Aspirations but it has been forever confined to the record collections of dudes that own a first edition copy of Mein Kampf. Can of worms". I know RA has a "no politics" policy, but did you ever get shit for being named after that record?Meatdog: I actually own the lp and a first edition copy of Mein Kampf, Beau hit the nail on the head! I really like the sound, the vibe and attitude of that 80's breed of Australian oi. And feel it is what our band is minus any political direction or cause. I don't think we've copped too much shit at all, to be honest the new breed of hardcore kids today don't take things as face value as much or try and be righteously political anymore. The funny thing is the majority of guys i have spoken to who have a massive problem with "nazis" love Reckless Aggression, so whatever storm in a tea cup problems they have with all that doesn't roll into their appreciation for us, like most of those types, go figure. White Noise put out the best Australian punk lp ever, i could write an essay on how good each song is, it's depth and importance . But i wouldn't be that much of a cock sucker. The music is ballsy, the lyrics tread on levels fuck all skinhead bands do, they don't care, they are personal and free thinking it's my kind of punk. Their brand of skinhead would have attracted the worstmen of the skinhead scene and that's pretty much what i'd like to attract to RA just the worstmen of todays punks, rejects, assholes and violent cunts that can't find what they're looking for anywhere else, just fuck up everyones day.

Perro: Have you ever been accused of being a nazi band? I remember in one issue of GG you said that you got bad looks for being a skin while you were at a crust gig...
Meatdog: Sure i know people talk shit and say stuff behind our backs,my back. But i think they are just afraid of anything different from themselves and our style represents power and they are insecure people. With no knowledge of our culture other then a few choice big name films about Ultra Rightwing Supporters of German Nationalism. Skinheads always get funny looks from morons. But no ones had the back bone yet to ask us in person where we stand? The thing is the punk crowd are a bunch of Fascist left wing clones without a free thinking mind among them, so a little Clean cut style and pride goes a long way to shake em up. But we aren't going away, hopefully with the sudden popularity of RA alot more kids get into oi and skinhead culture here, i'd love to see a rebirth in my time. Something really ugly and out of hand.

Perro: The demo has been out for a while now and it received an awesome response worldwide. It has even been repressed onto vinyl by a quite big yankee label. Were you expecting it? How was the reaction locally?
Meatdog: It's been very surprising how large a response the demo has received, it's just what the doctor ordered for alot of people i think. Even if it only gets compared to 86 Mentality? But that's the limited knowledge of todays hardcore crowd for ya. We are alot more well received over seas then locally because people know us and hate us personally here, which is great! the only time we get a good response locally is when my friends from New South Wales come down and cause trouble. Melbourne is a soft crowd. A social scene. Getting your demo pressed to vinyl is overwhealming, i'm surprised how much people like the demo. I can't wait till the ep is out on Six Feet Under, then you will get a record worth spinning right up there next to gay youth crew in the Revelation catalogue and coming to a chain store near you!

Perro: I remember that after recording the demo you've been inactive for more than 6 months and you told me that you were not even sure if RA would be active anymore. How's the situation now?
Meatdog: There's no "situation" anymore and everyone is back on the horse, it just got stagnant for a while, not so much us but the desire to play gigs here to people we hate. Having practice has been productive and we are enjoying playing again. Not that anything has really changed but the shows are attracting "our crowd"

Perro: I do really like the lyrics of "Nobody" and I totally relate with them. But in today hc scene it seems that a big portion of people are involved in it only to gain notoriety and trying to be "cool" by conforming themselves to what other people expect them to be. A big mass of clones that are not even able to think with their own mind...
Meatdog: I was seeing this girl who thought i'd think she was really cool by telling me "i fucked this guy in Slipknot he had the biggest cock i'd ever seen" Yeah bitch i wanna hear that shit when i like you a lot. Fuck being an idol for idiots, i hate sport stars and i hate bullshit fame. I hate suck ups and social crawlers, cunts with no heart who just aim to please, their friends, their boss, the world. Rather just be alone so i don't have to deal with fucking humans. Get a job, buy a house, get a stupid sports commodore, you're doing well suck your fathers cock. People at punk/hardcore are no different bands that just want everyone to like them and do big tours, happy positive weak as fuck bullshit.

Perro: You're doing gigs not very frequently. Which kind of reactions do you usually get? How's a typical RA set?Meatdog: If my friends from NSW are in town they slam pretty hard to us but if not? then people just stand there and fold their arms. We find it hard being able to play because of work and shit but playing only so often is fine. Makes for a better release. All the gigs have been different i hope there's nothing typical about playing but if we are playing in Melbourne it's bound to be dry and reactionless. It isn't always like this but in general it is. We played with TAIPAN from Sydney and the gig turned into a mini riot with cops getting called, lights getting thrown, black outs and bloody faces, power was still on with no PA kids sklamming in the dark to "conformity" Siege and "move back" THINK I CARE!!! mind blowing shit. 

Perro: I've heard rumors of a possible new record coming out this year and, if I remember well, few months ago you told me you recorded a new demo...Meatdog: We are set to record a new ep mid mum shah sometime so hopefully that gets pressed soon after. We never actually did a second demo recording, but my friend Admo from Tamworth did a bootleg recording of our last gig and you can hear some of the new songs on there.  

Perro: You're also a zine editor: first it was Soapbox and then Groingravy. Both zines have an unique approach and, expecially GG, very strong and offensive contents. What goals did/do you wanna achieve with your writing?Meatdog: I just wanted to say something honest i suppose, cause i listen to and am really into hardcore punk. Alot of the times if no one saids something honest these bands go through and think they are top shit cause all these idiots tell them they're great and then they go on tour and make too many shirt designs and then tour overseas and get money and that's how the new "hardcore" works. It's all a joke, so i guess i just wanted to have my say from a true fans perspective, and not a cocksuckers perspective trying to shake everyones hand and get free shit. Also to get out some creativity along the way.

Perro: The first time I saw an issue of Groin Gravy I immediately thought about how printing shop employees would look at you disgusted when asked to print copies of GG. Any funny related anectodes?Meatdog: When i was printing up the issue of Soapbox with the dorothy drawing on the cover some family was next to me and the kid saw it and got excited, printing is always sketchy cause of the porns and shit, i use magazine cut outs so they stick out like dogs balls when i print, no ones ever hastled me though. I get flyers scanned and the worker.

Perro: I've heard stories about Soapbox causing troubles in Brisbane a few years ago. Please explain it better. Also, does something similar happened with GG too?
Meatdog: Cade and Beau from CHUNKS sine were selling them a few years back in Brisbane at some gig and this chick gathered a crowd of half wits to protest the sale of Soapbox in the small hall, load of wankers. You'd have to get in touch with those guys to know the details, though. GG got taken off the shelves in Missing link records cause i had too much to say. 
Perro: I'm pretty sure you are going to tag them simply as a bunch of junkies scum, but the way you are using porn and nazi images to provoke indoctrinated PC crusties has always brought to my mind those Perth degenerates also known as Rupture...
Meatdog: I'm a fan of early Rupture! i have a few records but that early stuff is on cd. I couldn't care less if they do drugs, that shit is next level for 90's Aussie hardcore. Fuck Melbourne mindset, fuck try hard political crusaders. Fly the flag and listen to mushed out mania and slam skank through a wall! Here's a little secret i'm actually doing a new band with Stumbles and Zombo from Rupture called TRICK BABIES we have like 4 songs so far, think early Rupture sliced with hard slam pits and SSD. Possibly no live shows due to human interaction and people might enjoy themselves but we will record something and have it pressed in Europe hahaha.

Perro: The only other zine that could be compared to GG is Tesco Vee's Touch and Go. I think your approach to hardcore is quite similar. Was it an influence? Which other zines have an impact on you?
Meatdog: I only ever saw my first copy of Touch and go last year in that book release, it's good shit! Very cool approach, no fucking around heaps funny shit. I don't know what first influenced me maybe wanking? i was into doing online porn site and vas reviews when i started with demo and records, short interviews with THINK I CARE. Rest is history. Along the way i've really liked White Trash from 84' Portland sine by tony and Del from LOCKJAW!!!!!! Lockjaw and YDI are my influences when making zines.

Perro: You're doing a lot of sick drawings, not only for your zine but also flyers and a few record artworks. I expecially like the Deathcage ltd cover and that Eye Gouge cdr is pure genious. When did you start drawing? What are your influences? Which kind of stuff were you doing when you were a kid? I'm asking it since I'm supposing you were one of those problematic child that spent a good portion of time at the school's psychologist office...Meatdog: Hahahhahaha nah i don't know about that, i drew some comic called JEWrasic park once when i was young about Jewish dinosaurs with ear locks and some bullshit stories that went on for ages with paintings. Who knows about school, i liked stealing things out of kids bags, so when there'd be an assembly or sports game all the bags would be piled together and i'd sit next to em and pretend to be doing something and then steal things out bags, the best thing i ever stole was a 7 dollar Aliens comic off a kid that used to have purple around his mouth from sucking on a hyper colour shirt, some fat cunt. Today when i draw my influences are just i dunno, weird photos i can find, pornography and my own imagination. I am a big fan of CHUY from Newyork and Eric Cooch Lockjaw, his stuff is wild swell as Crowley, his stuff is the best. 

Perro: In #2 you reviewed Rohan/ Extortion.That was the first time ever I saw a review of a human being! How was his reaction? I mean, it's a good review but I'd kinda feel weird and maybe violated being reviewed as a person in a zine... 
Meatdog: I'm mates with Rohan i was talking to him for ages the other night, he's really into Nuclear explosions and docos about radiation fallout shit, he's a cool guy. I just thought it'd be funny to see what he did to me, which was nothing. Ya know those quiet weird kids that snap and stab people? well he aint one of em. I wanted him to do something weird to me, stalk or kill me.

Perro: Thanx for your time, Allan! Add whatever nonsense you prefer to close this interview.
Meatdog: Watch Cafe Flesh. Fanx Raffa!!!! OMEGAS "absurd visions" favourite lounge room slam song, yeah, yeah now ya doing… the lounge room slam!!!