venerdì 10 gennaio 2014

Guerra Bacteriologica

What's a better way to start the new year than being finally able to cross off from your want list a record from one of your favourite band that you've been looking for too long? Well, paying it half the current price, of course! I got it from discogs, where usually records are way overpriced. My guess is that the guy I got it from didn't know too much about this record and priced it based solely on the only other copy that sold though that site (which happens to be a copy in not so good conditions, hence the good price). His loss, my gain.
Here we're talking about Bastardos Sin Nombre 1991 debut EP "guerra bacteriologica". Along with Olho Seco "botaz, fuzil..", Imagen "y ahora que?" & Ataque Frontal "s/t", this is one of the best ep that ever came out from South America. Definitely my favourite colombian band. Way faster and rougher than their second ep "brigada subterranea". Songs like "no morir si", "narcoterroristas" & "anti protistos" are total classics. I've already written a lot about the Medellin scene & socio-political situation in the early 90s' in previous posts so I guess that I don't need to go in depth about it anymore.
Not only the music rules, but also the artwork is incredible. A chained punk that arise from pacific ocean to fight a naked Bush senior with a swastika flag in his arsehole & Saddam ejaculating oil? Can't ask to something better, mate. The foldout artwork is a bit oversized so the edges show a bit of wear but I'm not so anal about record condition so I'm totally fine with it. I'm just so happy to finally own it!!
Now that my Bastardos Sin Nombre vinyl collection is complete, I guess it's time for a family picture!
Actually, there are also a couple tapes & a discography lp so here's a complete B.S.N. releases list:
-BSN "s/t" demo, 1989, self-released
-VA “estamos en la sima” comp. tape, 1989 (6 tracks)
-VA "la ciudad podrida vol. I" comp. lp, 1990 (5 tracks)
 -BSN "guerra bacteriologica" 7", 1991, Discos Fuentes
-BSN "brigada subterranea" 7" 1992, self-released
-BSN "subterraneo Medellin" discography lp, 2013, various labels

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