mercoledì 20 maggio 2015


Here's some old italian hc flyers. The first two are from the 80s', the last one is from the early 90s.

giovedì 14 maggio 2015

KNIFE FIGHT interview 2002

Here's one of the first interview with one of the best US band from the last decade. The demo and the first two eps are already unfuckwithable classics. Originally featured in cult canadian zine Town Of Hardcore#2. Taken from Town Of Hardcore zineography book from 2007.

sabato 2 maggio 2015

Shock Value

The mysterious Antitodo Records, as I easily predicted, finally did it again. This time it was Lockjaw's debut ep "shock value" turn. Again an excellent work, a perfect reproduction of the original. I would have loved a reproduction of the limited "ted bundy" sleeve but, hey, you cannot always win. Some on orange wax, other on blue. Essential record. A friend recently introduced me to Lockjaw unreleased full length. I didn't even know about it's existence until a week ago. It's titled "gang violence" and was recorded around 1985. I hope the fellas at Antitodo are planning to finally put this out properly (as far as I know until now it has only been released on a discography cd that came out in the 90s' on Grand Theft Auto) since it's definitely worth it. But please next time remember to include a bloody dust sleeve in the package. I hate when records come without it!