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2011's TOP TENS

I've been buying records for almost two decades. But at the beginning of 2011, for the first time, I've decided to make a list to keep track of all the records I've bought all the year around. Very nerdy, I know. It started with a trip in Japan back in January where I've scored a lot of classics that were in my wantlist for way too long. Other great deals were made in the next months .The picture above shows all the wax I've accumulated this year. Quality over quantity. As you might have noticed, I've bought more old stuff than new one. I must admit that few new bands got my attention this year. Anyhow, it hasn't been a bad year at all when it comes to hardcore, so here's my picks for 2011 (casual order):

Reckless Agression "demo" 7"
Great aussie mix of Negative Approach and the best Oi! played with a provocative attitude by a bunch of ugly skins out of Melbourne. One of the best demo that came out last year that deserved to be repressed on wax, courtesy of SFU records. New ep planned for 2012. 

Cider "3rd rechord in 19 years" 7"
These guys can do no wrong. Still doing the same thing they were doing 20 years ago, still doing it in the right way. Clevo has proved to have the most consistent USHC scene ever. Cidercore never dies!

Himei 2nd 7"
This was the best surprise of this year. Female fronted japanese hardcore that could have been easily included in the ADK Records stable if they were around 25 years ago.

Fogna "demo" 7"
Even my other fave 2010 demo has been repressed on wax this year. Best band outta Italy in a looong time. I can't praise them enough and I really hope these lazy bastards will finally record their new material!! 

Haava "s/t" 7"
Kaaos worship from Japan on Overthrow Records. 'Nuff said.

Nemesis "dou-koku" 7"
This ep is so powerful that could have been the real cause of the tsunami that devastated Japan in march. Seriously, with Himei, my favourite new band out of the land of the rising sun.

Waste Management "power abuse" 7"
After the Midwest, Boston is my  favorite choice when it comes to USHC. And this band captures perfectly the essence of early 80s' Boston sound  without being another boring & useless clone band. Even better than their previous effort.

Isterismo/ Kromosom split 7" & D Clone/ Nerveskade split 7"
Both released by Hardcore Survives for the respective japanese tours that these bands made together this year. Yeah, I wish I was there, too. Japan's finest meet the international most interesting new noisy punk.

Teargas "all the way of the flesh" lp
This record is so good that it was even able to surpass my already extremely high expectations. Perfect under every point of view. I know members are now spread in different cities but I hope they manage to record more stuff. For sure my fave 2011 lp.

Deathcage "plague of the rats"lp
Another Burning Spirits full length outta Ostralia, another winner. 

Besthoven "this means war" lp
That title track was stuck in my mind after the very first listening. Classic d-beat tribute one man band that stay extremely close to the Discharge dogma without sounding boring or lame. Great live band, too.

Double Negative "daydreamnation" lp
At first I was a bit disappointed by the second -/- full length but it slowly grown on me. For sure a band that's not scared to introduce new influences in their sound while staying close to their roots.

Low Threat Profile "product #2"lp
A bunch of old fucks in their late 40s' proved to me again that if geriatrics can play powerviolence better than  new bands, that scene is not healthy at all. Please sXe kids, go back playing metalcore.


Chunks all issues
More Noize#7
Groin Gravy#4
Got Myself#5
Zouo interview in MRR

(these don't need a review)
Svart Framtid "1984" 7"
Nukketeatteri "tervetuola helvettin" 7"
Zouo "the final agony" 7"
Rupture "gatecrash the orgy" 6"
Young Identities "new trend" 7"
Bannlyst "diskografi" lp

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KRIGSHOT - NASUM interview 2002

Interview conducted via mail with drummer Jackob in feb, 2002. Originally featured in PM#1.
Perro: First, I'd like to know how you could be so prolific and active with your various projects without missing quality. What's your secret?Anders: We've been playing music for quite a long time and we pretty much know how to play what we play without going low quality. There's no secret really, it's in our blood!

Perro: Ok, now let's start to talk about Krigshot. How is it born? It has a huge Mob 47 influence, was your main goal to pay a tribute to them? Do you consider it only a sideproject or not?Anders: Krigshot started by a simple phonecall from Jallo, who asked me if I would join him in a new band that would play old hardcore fast as hell. I believe he got his inspiration to start the band after hearing Japan's Frigöra who play simular music. Anyway - I accepted his offer and we rehearsed once and then got into the studio just a few days later and recorded the first 7". Mob 47 is a big influence for us, being one of the best hardcore bands of all time, but speaking as a Mob 47 expert (!) there's quite a big difference in the songstructures and so forth. We are inspired by bands from that same era, everything from Minor Threat to more obscure Finnish hardcore. Krigshot is by definition a sideproject - no more, no less.

Perro: Since now you released stuff only through Sound Pollution. Did it happen 'coz is the only label that offered to put out K. stuff or is your own decision? Are you satisfied about working with them?Anders: Well, Sound Pollution was one of the first labels who showed interest in Krigshot when we sent out a tape with the first recording and since things worked out great he released the LP/CD and then we more or less decided to continue to work with Ken on a regular basis. He's the greatest guy.

Perro: What could we expect for the upcoming new album?Anders: I think it's a bit rougher than the first LP but it is really intense, really fast and really cool. I love it!

Perro: The lyrics of "Beaten (by the cops)" and "Crush the Elite" from "Och Hotet Kvarstar" 7" could be the perfect soundtrack for the fight of Goteborg happened last year. What's your opinion about that and the violence carried out by police in Genoa? What's happened to the guy who has been shot in Goteborg after that?Anders: The new LP was recorded just a few weeks before the Gothenburg thing so some of the lyrics are about the issues that was discussed in connection to the big meeting. Anyway - the whole Gothenburg incident shocked Sweden, because we rarely have these kind of situations and the "normal" people felt for the cops, not knowing what really happened. Sick stuff. I believe that the police should be capable to sort out right from wrong, but when the police clearly does the wrong thing it's so bad. We've all seen the pictures about the killing of that guy in Genoa and it's really sick sick sick and disgusting. About that guy who got shot in Gothenburg - can you believe it? HE was charged for attacking the police while the policemen involved in the shooting were freed! It so sick! The guy - Hannes Westberg - threw a couple of rocks nowhere near the police and they shot him in the stomach. And then the police made some videotapes public where they claimed the police were attacked by a large group of people. The problem is that the sound on the videotapes were edited! The sound were from a completely different location, so once again they did the wrong thing!

Perro: "Fucked by Dope" points out some unquestionable arguments against the abuse of heroin, but don't you think that anyone should be free to do whatever he/she wants with life, even ruin it? Do you think that the governments have the right to control such a personal choice?Anders: Well, being straight edge and TOTALLY against all drugs I can't see anything good in the use of drugs. Of course people can do whatever they like with their lives, but using drugs is SO FUCKING STUPID! So fuck the dope! 

Perro: Does K. plays gigs? If the answer is positive, how has been the better ones? If the answer is negative, why?Anders: No. Never had, never will. We're not that kind of band. We're just a little project existing maybe once a year to record something. We're busy with other stuff.

Perro: I know you guys are tired about all the people who ask you the meaning of "Nasum" and if is a swedish word, so what about "Krigshot"?Anders: Krigshot is Swedish for "threat of war". It's a songtitle by Mob 47. It's supposed to be pronounced "Krics-hoot", but people usually say Krigg-Shot, which is quite funny, but OK.

Perro: Now let's go to Nasum. You have toured in Japan, USA and Europe. Have you noticed any particular difference between the crowd and the scene in these places? What's the craziest place you've played in?Anders: From my experience the crowds are different in all countries basically. The craziest crowds are the one in Japan without doubt. Everything you've heard is true! The crowds are totally devoted, polite and just plain wild. There's a little similarity to the crowds in Spain who also have that devotion. But all crowds are good crowds.

Perro: Your gig here in Milan has been totally crazy, did you enjoy it? Can we expect some new gigs from you or your other bands down here?Anders: Actually I don't remember much about the gig itself. I remember the place clearly and especially the extremely disgusting shower and that the PA broke down like 3-4 times during the Napalm death gig! I also remember we had one of the better evenings when it came down to selling merchandize, so I guess we did a pretty good gig! Unfortunately I believe that we did too few gigs in Italy (only 3) to really get a hang of what Italy is like. Sooner or later we'll come back to play some more Swedish grind for you.

Perro: "Human 2.0" came out a while ago, how has been the response since now? How many copies does it sold? After this time, is there something you would like to change on it?Anders: The response has been outstanding. I think it's sold over 10 000 copies (I don't know really, but counting the LP version and the "Human 2.01" (Japan version) we should be over 10 000) by now, which is cool. But of course there are LOTS of things that I would like to change - some vocal parts, some drums parts, some songs should have been played another way, some songs should have been excluded and stuff like that. There's no escape from not being satisfied with your stuff.

Perro: What happens to the 5" box set that may be out on Clean Plate?Anders: Who knows? It should have been out ages ago and the Clean Plate dude is nowhere to be seen. I would really like to hear from him so I could ask to get the DAT and artwork in return because there's no point in releasing that one now.
Perro: You recorded all the stuff of your bands at Soundlab, the studio owned by Mieszko, and I noticed that many grind/ extreme hardcore bands recorded their stuff there. Is it becoming a point of reference for the swedish scene?Anders: Well, I don't know about that really, but Soundlab has grown to be one of the most popular "smaller" studios in Sweden in many categories of musicstyles and now there's more and more foreign band coming to the studio which is really cool. There's even a band from Israel coming to the studio now! Haha!

Perro: I know Relapse is going to reprint the Genocide SS album. What's the reason of that? What do you think if they will put a sticker with written something like "featuring members of Nasum" to help the selling? Generally, are you happy with the work Relapse has done to support Nasum?Anders: The reprint is out now. Relapse have been big fans of Genocide SuperStars for quite some time now and when the GSS-guys weren't happy with what Distortion did for them they let Relapse reprint the album with the artwork and stuff to have a second go with it. I don't think Relapse will use such a sticker, but if they do it might help the sales, I don't know. Relapse is a very good label and I have nothing bad to say about them.

Perro: If you could organize a world tour, what bands would you like to include on it?Anders: Ouch - that's a tough one... The only band that comes to mind now is Tragedy. I would really like to tour with them.

Perro: Are you pro or against mp3s? What's your opinion about site like Emusic and programs like Napster?Anders: I'm all for it when it comes to downloading a couple of songs to get a taste of an album, or finding some old song that you like but probably wouldn't buy a whole album just to get, or when it comes to rare/live stuff. I'm not into the idea of downloading a whole album - I love records too much to do such a thing. But sometimes it's hard to find the actual record or you haven't got enough money to buy it. I have KaZaa for downloading music every now and then.

Perro: What could we expect from your various projects for the near future?Anders: Well, Krigshot will probably sink back into hibernation until the next time we feel like recording some stuff again, and concerning Nasum - noone knows what we will be up to in the future.

Perro: Ok, it's time to conclude. Thanks for all.Anders: Thank you! Krigshot should have a new webpage up soon at - for Nasum news just go to

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Norwegian Leather

I'm not pretending to be an expert of HC from Norway. I'm not ashamed to admit that, until 5 years ago, my fave band from that frozen and rich country was Mayhem. Of course I've had already heard praises about the NOHC scene of the 80s', but for some reasons I didn't find the time to dig into it. Then, after reading about it in some forum,  I've decided  it was about time to explore it. Allah bless the internet.

2011 has been a great years for represses. Expecially when it comes to norwegian hardcore. Indeed, after the repress of the Svart Framtid "1984" ep that came out few months ago, now the long delayed Bannlyst official "diskografi" lp finally saw the light after way too many years of delays. Say thanx to Norwegian Leather (a sub-label of Heartfirst, specialized in repressing 80s' norwegian hc classics). Of course it made sense to add to my order also a copy of the So Much Hate "how we feel" lp since it was repressed too from the same label back in 2007.
Bannlyst were one of norway's finest. They played your typical scandinavian brutal hardcore not too dissimilar to some of their swedish contemporaneous like Skitslickers or Anti Cimex. Same brutal sound and guttural vocals but with more original song writing. This lp compiles not only the recently bootleged "La Dem Ikke Lure Deg" 7" but also their material from legendary split tape with Angor Wat as well as a song from the cult compilation "Nå Eller Aldri"  (another record I hope Flo will repress soon) and another cover of "Louie Louie" (it's amazing how many punk/hc bands have done it over the last 30 years!). It comes with a fold out insert with lyrics, photos and a detailed discography.  Norwegian Leather also put out a Bannlyst live lp but since I'm not into live recording, I've decided to save my money for something else.
SMH seems to have taken their main influences from US hardcore. They remind me a weird EU version of Die Kreuzen meets mid period Black Flag. Lots of dissonant riffs, weird vocals and a bit of metal (in a good way)  makes this one of the most personal yet classic hardcore release that came out of europe in the eighties. Great artwork too, the back cover has a pic of some punks beating the shit out of a cop! It comes with a 8 pages zine with pics, old reviews and interviews etc...I'd have been great if they did the same with the Bannlyst lp.
To all norwegian readers: I'm really concerned about your recent butter shortage, so if you wanna trade your OG X-Port Plater records for some fine italian butter, drop me a line.

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Here's the only GSMF interview I've ever seen. Taken from #2 of the great canadian 'zine Infection that came out around 2001 if I remember well. If someone can provide me a copy of #1, I'd really appreciate it.

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LACK OF INTEREST interview 2002

What can I say? Awesome band that nailed that Infest sound perfectly in their debut full length "trapped inside". Interview conducted with drummer Bob (who's also the mastermind behind Deep Six Records) sometimes around 2001/2002. Originally featured in Perro Maldito#1

Perro:You have been around for almost a decade. What were your goals when you started and what are your actual ones?
Bob: When Mike (the bass player) and I got together we just figuered we try to make up some songs as we both did not know how to play. Maybe put out a demo after finding a singer and guitar player. Now here we are with 3 split 7"s 1 full length and compilations. Now have a new album recorded and finishing up the vocals. My goals right now would be to get them album out soon and play more shows. We like getting out of town but I can only leave for maximum of 3 days so I have to fly to a place and come right back which is not very economical. 

Perro: I'm wondering to know two things: For what there's a "lack of interest" and where are you "trapped inside"?
Bob: Actually when we played our first show we still could not all agree on a name as we seemed to have alot of interest in the band but then Mike the singer came up with the name Lack Of Interest and it stuck. Trapped inside for me is the situation were you can have a band only if you work which means you can't just go and play out when you want too but it you don't work then you end up up with no band as being in a band does cost. 

Perro: Talking about the album, it's a very intense release and the structure of the songs is huge, how long did you work on it? Also, it's very brief, does someone criticize you for have sell it at the price of a full length while it lasts only 15 minutes?
Bob: The album took about 2 years. We have not been criticized for this matter really. I don' t know how a 48 song of Lack of Interest wou ld be. We don't have any filler material in my opinion. 

Perro: Your lyrics have a very pessimistic point of view on everything and I agree with most of them. Do you think that being a pessimist is the only way to be realistic in such a shitty society?
Bob: Seeing reality is were I am at. I always look for the good things but I don't think we are going to talk about going to play a game of miniature golf. 

Perro: "Once alone again" seems very different from the other songs, lyrically talking. What's the story behind it?
Bob: Rick wrote the lyrics to that song. For me I take it as having something and losing it and wondering if it is worth trying to gain something but losing it again or just do nothing and be totally unproductive.

Perro: Sometimes your lyrics remind me the books of Bukowski, who lived in your area, too. Are you influenced by his writing?
Bob: I am not too familiar with Bukowski. 

Perro: I've been really impressed by the artwork of "trapped inside", I think it fits perfectly with the music and the lyrics, it gives a sense of  oppression. How did the concept come together? Did Isaac draw artworks for other bands?
Bob: Isaac did do the artwork and when we all seen it, it was unanimis! Isaac has not done artwork for any other bands as far as I know. 

Perro: You are not a band that have a new release out every month, but it's been quite a long time since you put out something new. Are you taking a break or something similar? 
Bob: We have not taken any vacations but we lost our last singer who is on Trapped Inside but we now have our original singer Mike who was on the first 2 splits and he is now writing the lyrics to the new album.

Perro: A new full lenght will be released soon. Have you already recorded it? Can you give us any infos about it?
Bob: The album is recorded. This album will have 23 original tracks and one cover. It is more along the lines of Trapped Inside with alot of time changes. 

Perro: What's your opinion about the whole 9/11 september? It seems to me that it simply  brings new and stronger forms of oppression for the so called "third world" and it has been used as an excuse to increase the control of daily life in  "western coutries"... 
Bob: The 11 was unbelievable but woke alot of people up to find out that this kind of actions happen around the world often but you don't think that it will happen in your backyard. 

Perro: I've just read the sad news that Slap a Ham is going to stop very soon, but I've heard you should pick up some of their upcoming releases. Is it right? 
Bob: It is very sad about Slap A Ham but when you are in debt you have to make a decision. Buying his new releases I think is fine. It will help Slap A Ham out of debt and help the band too. 

Perro: What are the other plans for the future of Deep Six Rec.?
Bob: Some releases for 2002 will be Negative Step 10" The Enclictic 7" Lack of Interest 12" unREALITY 12" which will have bands covering hardcore bands plus the Infest discography. 

Perro: Have you ever toured? Could we expect an euro tour to support the new album? Which bands would you like to tour with? 
Bob: Only have taken 3 day tours to Arizona, Texas and Portland. I would like to tour in europe but I would have to arrange something with my work which is hard. I would like to tour with Health Hazard if they were still around.  

Perro: Do you have any strange story you'd like to share with us? 
Bob: Strange story for me would be when we recorded this new album it was on 9-11 and I had know idea what was going on so when I came into work everyone was crying and I was happy with our recording until finding out what happened. Strange feeling walking into a room with everyone so depressed and not knowing what happened. 

Perro: It's time to conclude, thanks for your time!
Bob: Thank You for the interview. 

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Here's the  Haava  s/t ep that Overthrow Records just put out. So, after Laukas, Conclude, Poikkeus and Folkeiis, here we got another japanese band that worship the altar of finnish hardcore. The singer also plays bass in Isterismo (I want to say it again, a band that doesn't sound like Wretched at all). In all the photos I saw, he's always wearing a Kaaos shirt and has Kaaos patches on his jacket. Guess which is their main influence?

I must admit that, being on Overthrow, I was expecting nothing but a wall of chaos and noise. But luckily there's no Kyushu noise influence here, this is pure blatant Kaaos rip off, extremely accurate and well executed traditional finnish hardcore worship. Even the artwork is terrible which is another common point with most traditional finn classics. I was scared that this will sold out in few minutes and became impossible to find like some other Overthrow records did in the past. But this time it didn't happen and I even saw copies available from some euro and yankees distros. So isn't Overthrow cool anymore? Anyhow, get this record. It's a brillant release in its simplicity.

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DEATH SIDE interview 1994

Here's a scan of the classic Death Side interview originally featured in MRR#134 (July 1994). I've reprinted it in PM#3 around 2005. Enjoy the reading (this is a scan I've done from my copy of MRR#134).

giovedì 27 ottobre 2011


Awesome powerviolence from the land downunder. Guitar player Chip interviewed sometimes around 2008. Originally featured in Perro Maldito#6

Perro: You're quite a young band so I guess the best way to start is with a hystory lesson: you know, the classic how did you started, who does what blablabla....
Chip: Yes we have only being doing W.M.D for a bit over 2 years but we have all been playing in bands since 93! Murray is on drums, Luke is on vocals & Chad is on bass & I am on the guitar! The way we formed was quite spontaneous, it was all just a case of friends catching up & talking about music, life, Ronnie James Dio &shit & then in conversation someone says something like I'd love to do a band that covers this song & that song, then it was a case of me too & hey we should have a jam  & then the next thing you know we had 2 jams & got our first show with The Dead Walk, Jaws & Extortion a week after forming & we even recorded our 2nd band practice on a cassette player & sold it off at the show as our demo!

Perro: I've heard that you changed some members after the demo. How this influenced your sound?
Chip: We changed members because of geographical differences which had permitted us not to jam for over six months, which is also the case right at this moment we cannot jam or play because our drummer Murray had pretty serious motorcycle accident in which he broke both his shoulders, elbow & motorcycle! Its kinda odd that we have been together for 2 years but for over 10 months of that time we have been in hiatus because me & Luke both went to to Europe for 3 months each on 2 different occasions!
I don't think our sound has changed just because of a new drummer, I think we write songs that identify with what we are feeling at that point & time, I write all the riffs & the truth is I am not a person who sits around playing guitar everyday, I only ever pick it up when I am angry or inspired, sometimes I won't touch my guitar for over a month, most of the songs in W.M.D. are rage driven but now & then we have a few songs that are comical & tongue in cheek, I am more than happy with acquiring Monsoon Murray on drums because he is a freak of nature on drums, he is so precise, his drumming style is like a one inch punch, he can kick your ass with his drumming without moving a muscle! Our old bass player Nic has moved to Melbourne which on a good day without bad traffic is a 12 hour drive away, so that made things difficult, so we have had no choice but to get our new bass player

Perro: How did you end up choosing this name for the band? I haven't heard any BGK influence so far...
Chip: The name is taken from BGK of course but there is no deliberate BGK influence in our music at all, I liked that the acronym is W.M.D. (Which is the same acronym as Weapons of blah blah) We chose the name because at the time it was quite fitting to what was happening in Australia, such as the cronulla riots & in general in Australia there is lots white Aryan Australian pride, Which makes my blood boil & confuses me to what they are fucking proud of, genocide, rape, theft, torture, dehumanization, crimes against humanity etc etc etc!
I am part aboriginal & I was born with a brain, soul & conscience so I am not exactly a lover of white supremacy! I think the name is open to interpretation, I guess anybody can make
up their own meaning behind White Male Dumbinance.

Perro: The few WMD songs I've heard could be subdivided into two categories: straight to the point powerviolence tunes a la Crossed Out/Infest and longer ones with more mosh parts/ heavy breakdown mixed with the blast beats. Something quite similar to what Arms Reach did. I know your singer was in A.R., do you think there's any other connection with them?
Chip: We have a few songs that are a blatant ode to Infest & Crossed Out, Murray our drummer filled in for Arms Reach for a tour & thats about the only other connection, I agree with you, that a few of the songs structure & the mood of the songs could very well be compared to Arms Reach but its not a deliberate thing at all!

Perro: Talking about Arms Reach, I clearly remember that when I met you in Melbourne you told me that you could easily help me to get their records, but since then nothing. Do I have to send down under some dodgy mafiamen to get them quicker?
  Chip: Please there is no need to get the Mafia involved ha ha, The mafia in Australia are just fruit shop owners, but in saying that I don't wanna fuck with no fruiterer either, they lift big ass crates all day & shit, they could probably punch on pretty good! Luke will tell you himself that its nearly impossible to get them these days, within the past 2 years alot of new kids have starting collecting records & bought up all the AR records the little bastards!

Perro: You should already have released a full lenght ep, but you told me you got some problem with a record label. What happened exactly? Is it going to be on Missing Link Records now? How long do I have to wait for it?
Chip: Yes we did have problems but I will not divulge why we decided to trust our instincts not release it with the initial label! Yes its coming out on Missing Link, The recordings have been sent off to press & should be back very soon!

Perro: You told me there's also a split 7" with Mass Trauma planned. Who's going to relase it? When it'll be out?
Chip: Yes we have a split with those gang bangers, its also coming out on Missing Link & should be released at the exact same time!

Perro: Which kind of equipment are you using to get that awesome fat and heavy sound? I remember once Haymaker mentioned they had a "the older, the better" rule when choosing equipment...

Chip: Yep, I agree the older the better, I use some old school silver marshall beast from the 70's, I don't even know what the model is & I play straight through the amp without any distortion pedals, I believe in the old Minor Threat & Fugazi rule, no pedals, no theatrics just go for a natural sound! My guitar is just a epiphone gibson without any modifications & its at least 15 years old, its not fancy but its nice to play & sounds good enough to me!

Perro: Why are you playing gigs so rarely? Also, you recently played with an amazing line up that include Extortion, A.V.O. and few more. How was that gig?
Chip: We try to have a steady diet of gigs, I think when you play all the time, it becomes routine & less spontaneous, I prefer to play very rarely, you gotta let the pot boil & pent up all
your rage & when its reaching boiling point then its time to play a gig & try to tear peoples skin off with your music! The Empire show that we played with all the bands you mentioned above was an awesome gig, I think every band played awesome!It was funny the band that played before us "Thrush" did a cover of Siege "Drop Dead" which we learned for the show too & when it came time for us to play it we had to say it was a "Thrush cover", it was a crazy night, there was a dude in a wheelchair stage diving & stalking the dancefloor like a man possessed, it was fucking rad!

Perro: Lets talk about NCHC. Please make a "must have" list with all the essential Newcastle records.
Chip: In My opinion, pretty much anything that comes out of Newy is half decent because its all the same dudes, we all just swap instruments ha ha.
Arms Reach (Anything by A.R. is gold)
F.M.D. Before Their Time 7" & Path remains Ep"
Disengage Demo
No Reason 7"
Conation / Fat Human Filth Split 7"
Jabiluka "Anit - Uranuim Mining Comp Cd (w/ Arms Reach, X Claim, Conation etc)
Conation (Everything)
Pitfall Discography
Creeping Jesus
Elbow Deep (Everything)
Angry Earth Mutha
Anomie Demo
Nihilist (Everything)
Life.Love.Regret "Sick Of Goodbyes"
X Claim Demo
NC Wolfpack Demo's
Bare Knuckle Fight (Cd Ep)
Straightforward/ Personal Choice Split Demo
Etc Etc Etc
 There are too many too mention, we have been a pretty damn active music scene!

Perro: I've also heard rumors about this band where you were involved called NC Wolfpack...tell us something more about it...
Chip: NC Wolfpack has so much stigma about it & I have no idea why, It was fun, but we sucked, That band was a really fun project, there was one gig we played in which a huge guy, decided he wanted to beat up everyone with a chain, no-one was hurt as far as I know, I don't even know why he went mental with the chain.

Perro: Civil Dissent "first blood" or Death Sentence "Ryan"? Which one is best aussie records ever?
Chip: I'd call it a tie, they are both awesome in their own right!

Perro: I'm quite obsessed with Rupture and I think "righteous fuck" could be easily included in the previous question. But I've noticed that even now, while not PC bands like Out With a Bang or Warkrime are quite popular downunder, Rupture are still hated/ignored by a lot of people...
Chip: Yeah You are quite right, I don't know too many people personally who are diehard fans of them!

Perro: Still talking about australian HC, what are some unknown gems from the past and the present?
Chip: There is a Melbourne compilation called "Eat Your Head" which had Civil Dissident, Vicious Circle etc which isn't too common, Most stuff I can think of, off the top of my head isn't super rare or anything but I recommend them, just stuff like
Razar "Stamp out Disco" & "Here Is The News" (1978)
The Victims (77-79)
Subversion "Pignation"
Minuteminder 7"
The Scientists
S.I.C. (Screaming In Churches) (80's)
Space Juniors (80's Skate Thrash)
Vicious Circle "Search For Solution"
Price Of Silence
Heads Kicked Off
Etc Etc Etc

Perro: With few exceptions, aussie HC seems to be a lot "americanized"and less influenced by european or japanese stuff. How could you explain that? Also, is DX/Distort zine the responsible for making cleveland bands so popular down there?
Chip: I think most Australians can identify with America & their culture more than Japan & Europe, I guess its more so a cultural thing, Australians are of the same fleet of white british inbred pieces of imperial dogshit! I don't think DX/Distort Zine had anything to do with the popularity of anything ha ha I didn't realise we had such a huge crush on the Cleveland but I guess alot of people do, I know I do & for good reason, I love Clevo bands such as The Electric Eels, Zero Defects, Agitated, Starvation Army, Iggy & The Stooges,The Dead Boys, Devo etc etc, its a fucking raging city for creating amazing bands!

Perro: Is Bill Shankly just a side project or something more serious?
Chip: I would say its a side project because we don't take it too seriously, It was never premeditated to be a band or anything, we never had any plans or aspirations to make a raging hardcore band & get popular or anything crazy like that, the creation of Bill Shankly just happened, we were at Pete's house & were sitting around bored out of our minds & I got on guitar & was fucking around with a riff & Pete got on drums & played along & talked Danny into singing along & then an hour had passed & before we knew it we had written & recorded a full length demo. We wrote all the songs as we went along, everything song was written right there & then, Pete hooked up a mic to his 4 track so we could keep it for memories sake & then I added added bass to it later, then Pete mixed it & said it actually sounded pretty good for a bunch of dudes who were just plain having fun & not trying to be anything, some people say it sounds like early DC & Touch & Go stuff, which I thought was kinda cool, all the Lyrics Danny wrote were all a joke, he was writing lyrics about how much he hates Manchester United & all kinds of other stupid lyrics to make us laugh, Pete started selling the demo at Missing Link & Dave (Straightjacket, Piss Christ) said he liked the demo & wanted to play bass for us, The next time I went down we recorded again & we played a couple of shows! We might be putting out a 7''

Perro: Any funny untold stories related to your bands that you wanna share with us?
Chip: There are lots of funny moments but the moments I remember the most, are the out of the ordinary moments!

A Nazi Skinhead was thrown through a very small window at a gig we played at

Luke broke a male models face with a microphone stand accidentally

I accidentally split someones head open with my instrument in Life.Love.Regret, I did a huge stage kick once which landed on someones nose causing itto break quite badly.

I chipped my teeth from Luke jumping on my back when I was singing,

Luke split his head open on the ceiling of a harbor ferry when he was in Arms Reach.

I played a gig that turned into a riot & the police kicked everybody out of the venue & ordered everybody outside & one dude decided to stand on the police car roof & pull out his dick & started yelling to the cops whilst waving his dick, "Suck Puss Ya Cunts.

Disengage played illegally on a bicycle velodrome in which I almost got arrested & got held responsible for organising a public event without a license or permission & obstructing the peace.

I was playing an outdoor gig in my old band Disengage & the police instructed me to stop playing or I will get arrested for profanity.

Me & Luke were banned from his radio show for swearing & other scenario's such as broadcasting a phone call in which a friend (Metal Stalker) of mine advertised that he will fight any challenger who will come down to the city park & we were encouraging people to go down there & fight The Metal Stalker, it was a total fictional event that we orchestrated, it was all a hoax, it was just a joke but we were receiving phone calls like crazy, people were calling up & saying "We're down at the park to fight this cunt, so where is he?"

My old band Disengage was banned from a particular pub that Luke later got banned from a pub for breaking shit whilst playing,

I almost got arrested after a show for a having a flick knife which was only actually a hair comb, that was designed to look like a flick knife.

Perro: Ok, it's time to conclude. Thanx for your time, Chip. Feel free to add whatever you want!
Chip: Thanx Raffa for keeping in touch & agreeing to pay for our bands airfares to do a  W.M.D tour of Italy ha ha ha, I wish! Seriously though I love Italy, its an amazing country!
I will add that any Italian who doesn't know the Italian band Terminals from 1978, should really check them out, they were quite influenced by early Australian punk, they are an awesome band.

sabato 22 ottobre 2011

Tales of a pretentious asshole#001

As you might have noticed, I like to buy round shaped pieces of vinyl. Yeah, I do consider myself a record collector. "Tales of a pretentious asshole" will be about a certain band discography that I do consider to have completed. Please do not expect to see here pictures of multiple copies of the same records, different pressings, every stupid & useless vinyl color/cover variations or other similar bullshits. Also, keep in mind I'm not a completist so I don't care about bootlegs, discographies or live recordings. Once I got one copy (the first press, of course!) of a certain record, I'm a happy dude. And of course keep in mind that I play these records regulary. They were not supposed to only accumulate dust in a shelf!
Let's start with the band that introduced me to the wonderful world of japanese hardcore/ punk: Frigöra

I was introduced to Frigöra by Manabu of Senseless Apocalypse/ Blurred Records. I've interviewed him around 1995. The questions were pretty shitty and his answers were extremely stupid in a funny way (unfortunately I've lost the original one, I only have the  translation in italian). When he sent back to me the answers, he was kind enough to throw in a couple of records that he just put out: the Vivisection/Genocide SS split ep and the Frigöra/Diskonto split. Respectively the limited editions on blue and green vinyls. At that time I was mainly into noise/grindcore and I hadn't heard Mob 47 yet but I immediately fell in love for the simple and abrasive sound of these weird japanese maniacs that were singing in swedish. According to the review I wrote at that time, I didn't like at all the Diskonto side. 16 years later, my opinion hasn't changed at all.
Around 2003 I've ended up trading my copy for a certain record that I wanted badly at that time. Once I sent it out, I've immediately regretted it. It took me several years to score a second copy and this time it was neither for free nor on green wax.  
According to Blurred Records, a total of 1000 were pressed. 300 on green, 700 on black. My first copy was on classic green transparent wax, but I saw copies on coke bottle/ clear wax. To this day, it's still my favourite Frigöra release. 

If I'm not wrong, the very first record that Frigöra released was their self titled ep that also came out during 1995 on Fuck Fashion Town label from Japan. 500 handnumbered copies. Their rarest and most sought after release. The songs featured here are from the same recording session of the Diskonto split. I've searched for a copy of this for several years. I've finally managed to get a copy only this year when I've visited japan in january. It was a bit overpriced but it was the copy in better conditions I've ever seen. Plus, when I finally hold it in my hands, I knew that I would have punched myself in the nuts forever if I came out of Shibuya's Disk Union without it.
Frigöra are unanimously considered to be the best Mob 47 clone ever and for a good reason. Nobody has ever been able to reproduce that sound so perfectly as  Frigöra did. Although, I won't call them a mere clone band: in my opinion they had enough personality to be considered a band on their own. That said, I must admit that they did nothing to hide their main influence. The artwork of the "s/t" ep is indeed a blatant rip off/ homage to Mob 47: 

Around 1998 they finally released their only full-length "dance of the plague bearer" on the cult japanese label Overthrow. Not sure how many of this were made, but my guess is less than 1000. Recently saw on eBay a copy that came with two patches. Got mine this year in the same record shop where I found the "s/t" ep. Got it for way less than the current eBay price so I didn't complain and just grabbed it. It comes on a beautiful folding paper sleeve with lyrics printed inside. Am I the only one who thinks the artwork remind a lot the Wretched "libero di vivere/ libero di morire" one? Nerd note: there's one riff in "strid fortsatta" that is identical to an Inmates one (can't remember exactly the song but it's from their lp).
I've heard people affirming that this is the worst Frigöra release. Bullshit. This is as solid as the eps, maybe just a bit slower.
If you want my opinion, these are all the Frigöra records you need. There's also a "live at Shinjuku Antiknock 1995" bootleg lp, some tapes and a semi-official lp that compiles their eps and the demo they recorded under the name of Liberacao. A couple of years ago a discography cd with all their stuff has been released in japan.
Here's a complete discography I've tried to put together. Please get in touch if something is wrong/missing:

-Liberacao demo 1995, ???
-Frigöra "s/t" 7", F.F.T.label, 1995, 500 made
-Frigöra/Diskonto split 7", Blurred Records, 1995, 1000 made
-Frigöra/NPH split tape, 1995, ???
-Frigöra "demo 1996" ???
-Frigöra "dance of the plague bearer" lp, Overthrow, 1998, ???
-Frigöra"s/t" lp, Hamndkansla Rekords, ???
-Frigöra "live '95" lp,  Hamndkansla Rekords, ???
-V.A. - Chaos Of Destruction - 3xLP, Dan Doh, 2005, ???
-Frigöra "1995-1999" cd, 2008, ???

In 1999 they disbanded. I'm pretty sure at least one member now plays in Ferocious X. Their only interview I've ever seen was in Crust War 'zine#5 but it's in japanese. If you can  translate it, please get in touch.

martedì 18 ottobre 2011

RIP Kevin Mahoney

In case you didn't hear it yet, Kevin Mahoney, former singer of Siege, passed away last week. So I guess it's the right time to post their classic interview originally featured in Suburban Punk#6 that I've reprinted in Perro Maldito#6 few years ago. Read it while listening to "Grim Reaper". Rest in peace, Kev.

domenica 16 ottobre 2011


While a good portion of worldwide hc/punk scene is trying to reproduce in a way or another that peculiar Kyushu noisy sound, the only new band I know from there (Fukuoka to be more specific) is going in an opposite way. Nemesis have indeed chosen to pay their tribute to japanese hardcore by getting heavily influenced by Selfish Records typical sound that is the other trademark of japanese hardcore.
I won't call it "burning spirits" since it's not so over the top, if you know what I mean. On the other side, even saying that it's japanese thrash would be nothing but a lie. Nemesis have indeed been able to take different elements from bands like Nightmare, Systematic Death, Deathside and Warhead to create their own sound and the final result are four brilliant tunes of powerful hc. If you want my 2 cents, this is one of the best ep that came out this year. Still available from the following labels: Ratbone (France),  Flower Of Carnage (Japan) and  Solar Funeral (USA).

giovedì 6 ottobre 2011

PERRO MALDITO#7 out now!!!!!!

PERRO MALDITO#7 is finally out now! Featuring interviews with FOGNA (ita), RECKLESS AGGRESSION (australia), DETONATE RECORDS (dk) and SHORTLIVED (nz) plus pics, flyers, reviews and the usual crap you'll find in a zine. 20 A5 pages, limited to 100 copies only!

SOLD OUT FROM ME!!!! But please check the following distros. They will have copies soon:
Feel It Distro (USA)
La Vida Es Un Mus (UK)
Sorry State Records (USA)
Beau/Chunks zine (Australia)
Rob/ Counterfeit Garbage zine (USA)

mercoledì 5 ottobre 2011

Gatecrash the orgy

There are certain records that you know you'll never own. Like this one. Originally pressed in 69 only copies by the mighty Yeah Mate! Records, this is one of the rarest Rupture item. Never saw one even on ebay. So when I've discovered that No Fuckin Labels from Holland was going to repress it, I've started to follow their website updates religiously to be sure to score a copy. Also limited to 69 copies on clear lathe cut 6". First press sold out immediately but I've heard they are gonna repress it soon so keep your eyes open if you've missed it! 

Pretty explicit artwork. If you get offended and didn't get the joke, please grow up. This is exactly what the band wanted to achieve: pissing morons off. The original press had one-of-a-kind artworks made out of porn magazines. I guess this one is a reproduction of one of the originals? Very rough material that includes a bonus track that was not featured in the Yeah Mate! press. Surely not the best Rupture material in terms of recording quality, but it's still their unique style that makes them one of my top 5 bands ever.

So this one was an unexpected addition to my Rupture collection. Definitely far from being complete, but at least I've managed to get almost all the best material released by these scumbags. Now I hope No Fuckin Labels will deserve the same treatment to that bloody "Fuck You" 9". 

Click here to read a great interview with Stumblefuck

venerdì 30 settembre 2011


Amazing traditional finnish  hc mixed with some weird and original parts. Not too into their later stuff, but the first eps rule. Interview conducted via email with guitarist Juhana and drummer Jonne on Sept. ’05 and originally featured in Perro Maldito#4

Perro: I know that recently your bass player Juha sadly passed away. If you think this is an appropriate space, feel free to write down some words to commemorate his memory. I read somewhere he was an original member of Tampere SS and many other bands.
KS: Thats very true, we lost our dear friend and great bass player Juha Hämäläinen almost a year ago. Our both EP's are from the last sessions played with him. He had been around from early ´80 and played in various bands like Tampere SS, Kuolleet Kukat, Two Witches, Life Is a Riot, Ärsyke and Silmäosasto. Some of the music can be heard here He was also into photography and did document Tampere punks and squatting a lot, here you can find some pics on

Perro:  Since you are quite a young band, the best way to start this interview is with a brief history of the band.
KS: Our gruppo hails from Tampere, a town in the heart of Finland, but none of us was born here. We four guys started in the fall 2003, nearly two years ago. Jonne - tupatupadrums, Mika - vulcanovocal, Juhana - Guitarro and new member Antti on basso. The chaos we play is full of ruggedness, dangerous moments including disorder. The first demo tape, 9 songs was recorded in April 2004 before we had figured even a name for the band. The first gig was played in May 2004 in Tampere and since then we have approximately 30 gigs behind, including three brief tours. The first 7-inch ep "Kuuluuko Meidän Todella?" was released in winter 2005. The second EP "Helvetin Elementit", consisting of material recorded during the same session in October 2004, released this summer 2005, and later this year a split EP with the Danish group Death Token will be coming out. Spacca Tutto.

Perro: Quoting your words "the name of the group, which translates to "the Extinction of Cyclops", suggests destruction of bigotry". Could you explain this concept better? You even have a song about it.
KS: Cyclop is metaphor for narrowmindness which we all carry more or less, and in bigger scale it goes for politicians and our governments. Extinction stands for its destruction. Clear as fuck. The song "kyklooppien sukupuutto" tells more about these governing powers that still got a hold on us. Here is a translated lyric for it so you can see what I meant. We sing in our native language, as we wanna be part of culture where we live. Still keep up some local tradition before everything is westernized, but we translate our lyrics of course so people from different countries can get a hint what we're after. There is "one eye" also in cameras, and as we know it everything is on tape nowadays, so thats also one explain what the name is after.

the hollowheads in charge, always take their own
ignore everything around and then swipe the rest
the army of the one-eyed keeping eyes on all corners
absolute self-seeking makes a start for the march towards the end
your words are stirring up panic-it's spreading like a plague
your vice is smugness, me, myself and I
infinite dimensions of the narrowminded governing our lives and theirs
if this globe is just one big eye, then i'm the trash on it's surface

Perro:  You are all around 30 years old. What keep you still involved in hardcore? Do you think that having other interests outside punk has helped it? What do you do in your daily life outside hardcore?
KS: Maybe we are into getting old not to growing up. I love music, I like to do things and I like it dirty... punk it be. Punk motivates me with it's grassroots traditions and D.I.Y. allows you create stuff that looks like you. In daily life I build ancient musical instruments, primitive noise you call it. Jonne goes to art school and is getting super busy and stressed there, gets occasionally involved in other kind of different projects relating to politics and art, recently one squatting project for example. Mika's getting tired in his "rat race work" - as he calls it - in a big warehouse. Antti just graduated from a sort of "nature business" school, being strongly into music and slackering, hah.

Perro:  Your sound is deeply rooted in the 80s' finnish hc scene but, also, it seems to me that you are not scared to mix it with more personal and innovative stuff…
KS: Weird and twisted? Sometimes weirdness is more fascinating than normality. We are not scared about different song structures, melodies like bird singing (?) nor manic speed. Usually Jonne comes with a good fill and we make riffs on that.--- Roots, we've no idea where people get this that we sound Finnish or eighties? OK, we are not that much into mixing in metal, so our sound is more like early ´80's HC, and yes we come straight outta dark, cold northern forests...Funny thing is that here people keep saying constantly that we sound more Italian or Dutch stuff than Finnish! So there you go!

Perro:  Traditional finnish bands like Riistetyt, Terveet Kadet, Appendix etc… have all that cold and depressed sound that have made finnish hc an institution. What do you think has made your bands so unique?
KS: Definitely melancholy, depression, homemade booze. Fights with bears, salmiakki and dark bread. From the very start of finnish pop music it has been strongly melancholy influenced, but in the some strange way it make you feel good. Also the pitch black winter maybe helps it. Then on the other hand in the older times, more or less every country had a unique sound! Swedes didn't sound like Norwegian, Brazilians didn't sound like Colombians. In these days there's just so much more interaction that the national, regional cultural differences have gotten weaker.

Perro:  What do you think about foreign bands like Laukaus or Kirottu (I'm not sure to have spelled them right) that now are imitating this kind of sound? Is it possible to do it outside Finland?
KS: Right spelled! Of course its possible to do it, just enough intent on and humor. Like we got here Forca Macabra playing Brazilian hc/thrash and Selfish more Japcore style sound, I think they manage to do it well also. However it can also be seen when the band is doing the thing seriously and when just playing with the idea, not putting enough effort on it.

Perro: Your lyrics are very political but, fortunately, very far from the classic hc stereotypes. What has inspired them?
KS: Well written text is always interesting to read, no matter if is it in punk lyrics or in newspaper or zine. We got same subjects to write as we live in a same globe, and usually you get so fucked up on the world today that it's enough. If you look how they tend to tear every old building down in this city, the concept is ready. You only need to write it down so that it sounds good. I think lyrics are important in the songs. I listen to vocals as one instrument among others, but I like to read what people got to say, what they are after. After reading those stereotypical punk lyrics for years or a decade or more, they just start to get seriously damn boring while at the same time you see there's so much more even in those things what to talk about, or just to pick some other topics you can invent, being at least as relevant and important to deal about, instead of repeating the entertainment style clichés over and over.

Perro: The artwork and packaging of both your EP's impressed me a lot since they are very well done and each one is very different from the other. Who did them? How's important for you the layout of a record?
KS: Covers are part of the package so it is very important. We are a band, making music but there are other elements part of the whole thing and they are all equal. We want to show our ideas with visual methods plus also make sure the whole outlook satisfies us and serves the purposes. For the 1st EP Juhana created the front cover, Jonne did the inside, sheet and the font. Then the covers for the second one are entirely Juhana's work. Still, we always discuss the ideas, sometimes even pretty intensively!

Perro: Let's talk about the so called "Finn edge". You guys have the fame of being all hard drinkers. Could you describe us some funny anecdotes you have lived in first person or saw at gigs. We want dectails!!!
KS: Lesson number one: Always keep a bottle near your mouth or even better, on your lips. There is nothing funny about it, it is a hard job. There is a hollow limit where you start to be nothing more than alcoholic. Finnish culture for a big part is a culture of alcoholism. I, Jonne, remember clearly when Juhana, I and a bunch of other friends were at K-Town festival in Copenhagen 2004. On Sunday morning, after 3 days serious drinking and craziness Juhana's girlfriend comes to ask "Have you seen Juhana today". He had been lost since evening before, but I was no in brilliant condition either. So, we went to this park to see the classic bike wars and there he comes in a while! Being woken up in hospital park by doctors on that morning he started to wonder and wander around... So this sir walks into the hospital building to ask where he and his material property, be glasses, bikecycle, backbag etc.might be. The staff tells he was brought there in the night, or to be exact in the morning, by ambulance, was placed in a section, from where he later escaped but just ended sleeping in that hospital park. From there Juhana goes to a police station to ask about his stuff and the cops make phonecalls to the hospital and tell he was found in the neighbourhood in a completely different direction where he should or even could have been... The search for the stuff made no result in the station either, but at least the cops drove Juhana around looking for his borrowed bicycle. --- So there you have a story, there are other weird experiences shared, but let'save them for the next time.

Perro: I know you are also doing a finnish written zine called the 82mm but I never seen a copy of it. What are your goals with it? Which other zines are a source of inspiration for you?
KS: Zines are simply great! Good reading and boring times. My zine 82MM is all written in Finnish so maybe thats why many people abroad don't know it. It contains travel stories ala. biketrip, photographing, graffiti and street art, columns or rants. Also bands interviewed. There ain't no great goal with it, as I don't believe I'm changing world with it, but maybe documenting this time from a personal level and giving my view on it.

Perro: What's your opinion about @zines? I'm definitely not against them but it's quite obvious that they are killing paper zines.
KS: WWW is good for keeping contacts, but I personally don't have interest to read shit from there. I like my shit on paper! You never can kill paper zines, believe me!

Perro:  Perro Maldito seems to be pretty popular in finland: during the last 4 years I spread more copies there than in my own country!! Do I have to move there or is simply that finnish are smarter and read more than the average italian?
KS: I think italians are too busy to watch mamma cook pasta, and meanwhile the Finns read your zine after a hard skiing session. Look south for mafia enforcement strategies? We're sure you would make your business run better, signore!

Perro: Each year we see a scaring increase of the number and the destructivity of natural disasters all around the world. Does earth finally rid itself of a scourge called mankind?
KS: For a long time already, especially since the start of modernisation and industrialisation we are having this view of the planet and life, including humans being no more than a technical resource. So, as long as this way we take, understand things it's impossible to make any radical, let's say real change, whatever it could be to save what is rest. Seems like the humankind needs to face really serious and dramatic catastrophes, that are just results of our acts to make even a hint clear how complex for example an ecosystem is, for those who are leading us to whom only existing issues are property issues. So as these property issues are as strong as they are, it seems that most people don't even care if the planet is dying, or if even ("even" for them!) the humankind is dying or not. To simplify just a bit, most people in the modern cultural around world are mainly interested in what and how much do they own, or do they at least have enough cheap gasoline for their cars to go work to take part in this senselessness. "Fuck the treehuggers, I'm a working man, goddammit!" Step by step we, the humans are anyway going forward as we can't stay on our places. And we have taken a road towards the end.

Perro: One of my other passion is cinema. What are your favourite movies? Could you suggest me some obscure and intelligent finnish movies worth to checkout?
KS: We don't watch so much films/movies... We are not the best persons to ask. We (Juhana & Jonne) like French language so thats why we like to see French movies in general also many Spanish, like Almodovar films and Mexican ones have spoken to us! Tarantino has done several great works for sure. Fargo from Cohen brothers is a definite classic! Those Dogma 95 films from Lars von Trier manage to grasp really essential sides of a human mind, recommandable stuff without a question!
From Finland you should check Aki Kaurismäki, he is worth to check out. Mikko Niskanen, Spede Pasanen are some oldschool heroes. Mikko Niskanen did a lot so called "daily life reality" movies in the 1960's and 1970's when there was a big change in the Finnish society structure, in a really big scale turning from agriculture to industrial city life which created a lot of misery, and he made a lot of movies concerning this issue from a personal viewpoint of the maincharacters.

Perro: What are the plans for the near and not so near future? New releases, tours ecc..???
KS: We got split EP coming with danish Death Token hopefully soon. Then all our recordings should be on discography up to date tape hopefully released in CCCP, Czech and Mexico. Some tours planned and booked, like Italy 27.10-7.11.2005. Then we have talked to do LP next and go to Australia, but you will hear about these in a future.

Perro: Thanks for your time Juhana, it's time to conclude this interview…
KS: Always remember to Porco Dio and Madonna, keep your lips tight and see you on tour! Hula hula! Kippis! And thanks for interview, your zine is good. This interview was deeply answered by Juhana and Jonne. You can take contact via our webpages