domenica 16 ottobre 2011


While a good portion of worldwide hc/punk scene is trying to reproduce in a way or another that peculiar Kyushu noisy sound, the only new band I know from there (Fukuoka to be more specific) is going in an opposite way. Nemesis have indeed chosen to pay their tribute to japanese hardcore by getting heavily influenced by Selfish Records typical sound that is the other trademark of japanese hardcore.
I won't call it "burning spirits" since it's not so over the top, if you know what I mean. On the other side, even saying that it's japanese thrash would be nothing but a lie. Nemesis have indeed been able to take different elements from bands like Nightmare, Systematic Death, Deathside and Warhead to create their own sound and the final result are four brilliant tunes of powerful hc. If you want my 2 cents, this is one of the best ep that came out this year. Still available from the following labels: Ratbone (France),  Flower Of Carnage (Japan) and  Solar Funeral (USA).

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