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KRIGSHOT - NASUM interview 2002

Interview conducted via mail with drummer Jackob in feb, 2002. Originally featured in PM#1.
Perro: First, I'd like to know how you could be so prolific and active with your various projects without missing quality. What's your secret?Anders: We've been playing music for quite a long time and we pretty much know how to play what we play without going low quality. There's no secret really, it's in our blood!

Perro: Ok, now let's start to talk about Krigshot. How is it born? It has a huge Mob 47 influence, was your main goal to pay a tribute to them? Do you consider it only a sideproject or not?Anders: Krigshot started by a simple phonecall from Jallo, who asked me if I would join him in a new band that would play old hardcore fast as hell. I believe he got his inspiration to start the band after hearing Japan's Frigöra who play simular music. Anyway - I accepted his offer and we rehearsed once and then got into the studio just a few days later and recorded the first 7". Mob 47 is a big influence for us, being one of the best hardcore bands of all time, but speaking as a Mob 47 expert (!) there's quite a big difference in the songstructures and so forth. We are inspired by bands from that same era, everything from Minor Threat to more obscure Finnish hardcore. Krigshot is by definition a sideproject - no more, no less.

Perro: Since now you released stuff only through Sound Pollution. Did it happen 'coz is the only label that offered to put out K. stuff or is your own decision? Are you satisfied about working with them?Anders: Well, Sound Pollution was one of the first labels who showed interest in Krigshot when we sent out a tape with the first recording and since things worked out great he released the LP/CD and then we more or less decided to continue to work with Ken on a regular basis. He's the greatest guy.

Perro: What could we expect for the upcoming new album?Anders: I think it's a bit rougher than the first LP but it is really intense, really fast and really cool. I love it!

Perro: The lyrics of "Beaten (by the cops)" and "Crush the Elite" from "Och Hotet Kvarstar" 7" could be the perfect soundtrack for the fight of Goteborg happened last year. What's your opinion about that and the violence carried out by police in Genoa? What's happened to the guy who has been shot in Goteborg after that?Anders: The new LP was recorded just a few weeks before the Gothenburg thing so some of the lyrics are about the issues that was discussed in connection to the big meeting. Anyway - the whole Gothenburg incident shocked Sweden, because we rarely have these kind of situations and the "normal" people felt for the cops, not knowing what really happened. Sick stuff. I believe that the police should be capable to sort out right from wrong, but when the police clearly does the wrong thing it's so bad. We've all seen the pictures about the killing of that guy in Genoa and it's really sick sick sick and disgusting. About that guy who got shot in Gothenburg - can you believe it? HE was charged for attacking the police while the policemen involved in the shooting were freed! It so sick! The guy - Hannes Westberg - threw a couple of rocks nowhere near the police and they shot him in the stomach. And then the police made some videotapes public where they claimed the police were attacked by a large group of people. The problem is that the sound on the videotapes were edited! The sound were from a completely different location, so once again they did the wrong thing!

Perro: "Fucked by Dope" points out some unquestionable arguments against the abuse of heroin, but don't you think that anyone should be free to do whatever he/she wants with life, even ruin it? Do you think that the governments have the right to control such a personal choice?Anders: Well, being straight edge and TOTALLY against all drugs I can't see anything good in the use of drugs. Of course people can do whatever they like with their lives, but using drugs is SO FUCKING STUPID! So fuck the dope! 

Perro: Does K. plays gigs? If the answer is positive, how has been the better ones? If the answer is negative, why?Anders: No. Never had, never will. We're not that kind of band. We're just a little project existing maybe once a year to record something. We're busy with other stuff.

Perro: I know you guys are tired about all the people who ask you the meaning of "Nasum" and if is a swedish word, so what about "Krigshot"?Anders: Krigshot is Swedish for "threat of war". It's a songtitle by Mob 47. It's supposed to be pronounced "Krics-hoot", but people usually say Krigg-Shot, which is quite funny, but OK.

Perro: Now let's go to Nasum. You have toured in Japan, USA and Europe. Have you noticed any particular difference between the crowd and the scene in these places? What's the craziest place you've played in?Anders: From my experience the crowds are different in all countries basically. The craziest crowds are the one in Japan without doubt. Everything you've heard is true! The crowds are totally devoted, polite and just plain wild. There's a little similarity to the crowds in Spain who also have that devotion. But all crowds are good crowds.

Perro: Your gig here in Milan has been totally crazy, did you enjoy it? Can we expect some new gigs from you or your other bands down here?Anders: Actually I don't remember much about the gig itself. I remember the place clearly and especially the extremely disgusting shower and that the PA broke down like 3-4 times during the Napalm death gig! I also remember we had one of the better evenings when it came down to selling merchandize, so I guess we did a pretty good gig! Unfortunately I believe that we did too few gigs in Italy (only 3) to really get a hang of what Italy is like. Sooner or later we'll come back to play some more Swedish grind for you.

Perro: "Human 2.0" came out a while ago, how has been the response since now? How many copies does it sold? After this time, is there something you would like to change on it?Anders: The response has been outstanding. I think it's sold over 10 000 copies (I don't know really, but counting the LP version and the "Human 2.01" (Japan version) we should be over 10 000) by now, which is cool. But of course there are LOTS of things that I would like to change - some vocal parts, some drums parts, some songs should have been played another way, some songs should have been excluded and stuff like that. There's no escape from not being satisfied with your stuff.

Perro: What happens to the 5" box set that may be out on Clean Plate?Anders: Who knows? It should have been out ages ago and the Clean Plate dude is nowhere to be seen. I would really like to hear from him so I could ask to get the DAT and artwork in return because there's no point in releasing that one now.
Perro: You recorded all the stuff of your bands at Soundlab, the studio owned by Mieszko, and I noticed that many grind/ extreme hardcore bands recorded their stuff there. Is it becoming a point of reference for the swedish scene?Anders: Well, I don't know about that really, but Soundlab has grown to be one of the most popular "smaller" studios in Sweden in many categories of musicstyles and now there's more and more foreign band coming to the studio which is really cool. There's even a band from Israel coming to the studio now! Haha!

Perro: I know Relapse is going to reprint the Genocide SS album. What's the reason of that? What do you think if they will put a sticker with written something like "featuring members of Nasum" to help the selling? Generally, are you happy with the work Relapse has done to support Nasum?Anders: The reprint is out now. Relapse have been big fans of Genocide SuperStars for quite some time now and when the GSS-guys weren't happy with what Distortion did for them they let Relapse reprint the album with the artwork and stuff to have a second go with it. I don't think Relapse will use such a sticker, but if they do it might help the sales, I don't know. Relapse is a very good label and I have nothing bad to say about them.

Perro: If you could organize a world tour, what bands would you like to include on it?Anders: Ouch - that's a tough one... The only band that comes to mind now is Tragedy. I would really like to tour with them.

Perro: Are you pro or against mp3s? What's your opinion about site like Emusic and programs like Napster?Anders: I'm all for it when it comes to downloading a couple of songs to get a taste of an album, or finding some old song that you like but probably wouldn't buy a whole album just to get, or when it comes to rare/live stuff. I'm not into the idea of downloading a whole album - I love records too much to do such a thing. But sometimes it's hard to find the actual record or you haven't got enough money to buy it. I have KaZaa for downloading music every now and then.

Perro: What could we expect from your various projects for the near future?Anders: Well, Krigshot will probably sink back into hibernation until the next time we feel like recording some stuff again, and concerning Nasum - noone knows what we will be up to in the future.

Perro: Ok, it's time to conclude. Thanks for all.Anders: Thank you! Krigshot should have a new webpage up soon at - for Nasum news just go to

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