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2011's TOP TENS

I've been buying records for almost two decades. But at the beginning of 2011, for the first time, I've decided to make a list to keep track of all the records I've bought all the year around. Very nerdy, I know. It started with a trip in Japan back in January where I've scored a lot of classics that were in my wantlist for way too long. Other great deals were made in the next months .The picture above shows all the wax I've accumulated this year. Quality over quantity. As you might have noticed, I've bought more old stuff than new one. I must admit that few new bands got my attention this year. Anyhow, it hasn't been a bad year at all when it comes to hardcore, so here's my picks for 2011 (casual order):

Reckless Agression "demo" 7"
Great aussie mix of Negative Approach and the best Oi! played with a provocative attitude by a bunch of ugly skins out of Melbourne. One of the best demo that came out last year that deserved to be repressed on wax, courtesy of SFU records. New ep planned for 2012. 

Cider "3rd rechord in 19 years" 7"
These guys can do no wrong. Still doing the same thing they were doing 20 years ago, still doing it in the right way. Clevo has proved to have the most consistent USHC scene ever. Cidercore never dies!

Himei 2nd 7"
This was the best surprise of this year. Female fronted japanese hardcore that could have been easily included in the ADK Records stable if they were around 25 years ago.

Fogna "demo" 7"
Even my other fave 2010 demo has been repressed on wax this year. Best band outta Italy in a looong time. I can't praise them enough and I really hope these lazy bastards will finally record their new material!! 

Haava "s/t" 7"
Kaaos worship from Japan on Overthrow Records. 'Nuff said.

Nemesis "dou-koku" 7"
This ep is so powerful that could have been the real cause of the tsunami that devastated Japan in march. Seriously, with Himei, my favourite new band out of the land of the rising sun.

Waste Management "power abuse" 7"
After the Midwest, Boston is my  favorite choice when it comes to USHC. And this band captures perfectly the essence of early 80s' Boston sound  without being another boring & useless clone band. Even better than their previous effort.

Isterismo/ Kromosom split 7" & D Clone/ Nerveskade split 7"
Both released by Hardcore Survives for the respective japanese tours that these bands made together this year. Yeah, I wish I was there, too. Japan's finest meet the international most interesting new noisy punk.

Teargas "all the way of the flesh" lp
This record is so good that it was even able to surpass my already extremely high expectations. Perfect under every point of view. I know members are now spread in different cities but I hope they manage to record more stuff. For sure my fave 2011 lp.

Deathcage "plague of the rats"lp
Another Burning Spirits full length outta Ostralia, another winner. 

Besthoven "this means war" lp
That title track was stuck in my mind after the very first listening. Classic d-beat tribute one man band that stay extremely close to the Discharge dogma without sounding boring or lame. Great live band, too.

Double Negative "daydreamnation" lp
At first I was a bit disappointed by the second -/- full length but it slowly grown on me. For sure a band that's not scared to introduce new influences in their sound while staying close to their roots.

Low Threat Profile "product #2"lp
A bunch of old fucks in their late 40s' proved to me again that if geriatrics can play powerviolence better than  new bands, that scene is not healthy at all. Please sXe kids, go back playing metalcore.


Chunks all issues
More Noize#7
Groin Gravy#4
Got Myself#5
Zouo interview in MRR

(these don't need a review)
Svart Framtid "1984" 7"
Nukketeatteri "tervetuola helvettin" 7"
Zouo "the final agony" 7"
Rupture "gatecrash the orgy" 6"
Young Identities "new trend" 7"
Bannlyst "diskografi" lp

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