giovedì 12 gennaio 2012


Here's the first record I got in the mail this year. The repress of the uber classic U.B.R. "corpus delicti" 7" that came out a couple of years ago for an obscure record label called Ne! Records (from Sweden?). I didn't know this has been repressed so, when I found a copy on discogs, I've immediately bought it. Without any doubt, the best record that ever came out of that state formerly known as Yugoslavia. Simple and straight to the point euro-hc/punk that always remind me the finnish classics of the same era for the raw approach and unique sound.
Originally pressed by legendary italian label Attack Punk in 1984, Ne! Records made a great job in reproducing it perfectly. While the original press came with a booklet stapled with the cover and the dust sleeve (like others records put out by this cult label from Bologna), here they reproduced the booklet by printing it in the gatefold cover and dust sleeve. As you can see, my copies came in blue wax, but I've heard there are also copies on red (like the original one). Few years ago Crust War put on wax some U.B.R. demo tracks. I hope now someone will repress soon also the classic "Hard-Core Ljubljana" comp. LP!! I'd love to know what these guys thought of the hyper-dogmatic radical left attitude of the Attack Punk guys. Of course I don't speak slovenian so I can't get a word out of the lyrics, but the silly artwork suggests me U.B.R. had more a nihilistic/ drunk approach to their punk!

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