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LACK OF INTEREST interview 2002

What can I say? Awesome band that nailed that Infest sound perfectly in their debut full length "trapped inside". Interview conducted with drummer Bob (who's also the mastermind behind Deep Six Records) sometimes around 2001/2002. Originally featured in Perro Maldito#1

Perro:You have been around for almost a decade. What were your goals when you started and what are your actual ones?
Bob: When Mike (the bass player) and I got together we just figuered we try to make up some songs as we both did not know how to play. Maybe put out a demo after finding a singer and guitar player. Now here we are with 3 split 7"s 1 full length and compilations. Now have a new album recorded and finishing up the vocals. My goals right now would be to get them album out soon and play more shows. We like getting out of town but I can only leave for maximum of 3 days so I have to fly to a place and come right back which is not very economical. 

Perro: I'm wondering to know two things: For what there's a "lack of interest" and where are you "trapped inside"?
Bob: Actually when we played our first show we still could not all agree on a name as we seemed to have alot of interest in the band but then Mike the singer came up with the name Lack Of Interest and it stuck. Trapped inside for me is the situation were you can have a band only if you work which means you can't just go and play out when you want too but it you don't work then you end up up with no band as being in a band does cost. 

Perro: Talking about the album, it's a very intense release and the structure of the songs is huge, how long did you work on it? Also, it's very brief, does someone criticize you for have sell it at the price of a full length while it lasts only 15 minutes?
Bob: The album took about 2 years. We have not been criticized for this matter really. I don' t know how a 48 song of Lack of Interest wou ld be. We don't have any filler material in my opinion. 

Perro: Your lyrics have a very pessimistic point of view on everything and I agree with most of them. Do you think that being a pessimist is the only way to be realistic in such a shitty society?
Bob: Seeing reality is were I am at. I always look for the good things but I don't think we are going to talk about going to play a game of miniature golf. 

Perro: "Once alone again" seems very different from the other songs, lyrically talking. What's the story behind it?
Bob: Rick wrote the lyrics to that song. For me I take it as having something and losing it and wondering if it is worth trying to gain something but losing it again or just do nothing and be totally unproductive.

Perro: Sometimes your lyrics remind me the books of Bukowski, who lived in your area, too. Are you influenced by his writing?
Bob: I am not too familiar with Bukowski. 

Perro: I've been really impressed by the artwork of "trapped inside", I think it fits perfectly with the music and the lyrics, it gives a sense of  oppression. How did the concept come together? Did Isaac draw artworks for other bands?
Bob: Isaac did do the artwork and when we all seen it, it was unanimis! Isaac has not done artwork for any other bands as far as I know. 

Perro: You are not a band that have a new release out every month, but it's been quite a long time since you put out something new. Are you taking a break or something similar? 
Bob: We have not taken any vacations but we lost our last singer who is on Trapped Inside but we now have our original singer Mike who was on the first 2 splits and he is now writing the lyrics to the new album.

Perro: A new full lenght will be released soon. Have you already recorded it? Can you give us any infos about it?
Bob: The album is recorded. This album will have 23 original tracks and one cover. It is more along the lines of Trapped Inside with alot of time changes. 

Perro: What's your opinion about the whole 9/11 september? It seems to me that it simply  brings new and stronger forms of oppression for the so called "third world" and it has been used as an excuse to increase the control of daily life in  "western coutries"... 
Bob: The 11 was unbelievable but woke alot of people up to find out that this kind of actions happen around the world often but you don't think that it will happen in your backyard. 

Perro: I've just read the sad news that Slap a Ham is going to stop very soon, but I've heard you should pick up some of their upcoming releases. Is it right? 
Bob: It is very sad about Slap A Ham but when you are in debt you have to make a decision. Buying his new releases I think is fine. It will help Slap A Ham out of debt and help the band too. 

Perro: What are the other plans for the future of Deep Six Rec.?
Bob: Some releases for 2002 will be Negative Step 10" The Enclictic 7" Lack of Interest 12" unREALITY 12" which will have bands covering hardcore bands plus the Infest discography. 

Perro: Have you ever toured? Could we expect an euro tour to support the new album? Which bands would you like to tour with? 
Bob: Only have taken 3 day tours to Arizona, Texas and Portland. I would like to tour in europe but I would have to arrange something with my work which is hard. I would like to tour with Health Hazard if they were still around.  

Perro: Do you have any strange story you'd like to share with us? 
Bob: Strange story for me would be when we recorded this new album it was on 9-11 and I had know idea what was going on so when I came into work everyone was crying and I was happy with our recording until finding out what happened. Strange feeling walking into a room with everyone so depressed and not knowing what happened. 

Perro: It's time to conclude, thanks for your time!
Bob: Thank You for the interview. 

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