giovedì 17 novembre 2011


Here's the  Haava  s/t ep that Overthrow Records just put out. So, after Laukas, Conclude, Poikkeus and Folkeiis, here we got another japanese band that worship the altar of finnish hardcore. The singer also plays bass in Isterismo (I want to say it again, a band that doesn't sound like Wretched at all). In all the photos I saw, he's always wearing a Kaaos shirt and has Kaaos patches on his jacket. Guess which is their main influence?

I must admit that, being on Overthrow, I was expecting nothing but a wall of chaos and noise. But luckily there's no Kyushu noise influence here, this is pure blatant Kaaos rip off, extremely accurate and well executed traditional finnish hardcore worship. Even the artwork is terrible which is another common point with most traditional finn classics. I was scared that this will sold out in few minutes and became impossible to find like some other Overthrow records did in the past. But this time it didn't happen and I even saw copies available from some euro and yankees distros. So isn't Overthrow cool anymore? Anyhow, get this record. It's a brillant release in its simplicity.

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