sabato 25 gennaio 2014

Moss Piglet

99% of the time I get some promo material to review, it's utter crap. Usually, it's some unlistenable metalcore or terrible english punk. Plus, I'm too old to understand this generation's obsession for cassettes. One of the worst format ever. That being said, Prag "s/t" demo tape, self-released by the band, was quite intriguing. They're from Perth, my fave city when it comes to aussie hardcore. They feature ex/current members of Helta Skelta. They claim to be influenced mainly by swedish, finnish and italian hardcore. With those premises, I know this was going to deliver. And it bloody does. Raw & gloomy hardcore with a huge Crazy Spirit vibe. If you prefer something more detailed, think to some kind of mix between the rawest old USHC (Urban Waste & Mormons) with the aforementioned european influences. This band indeed would fit perfectly in the Toxic State label rooster. Even the artwork brings to mind some of the current bands from NY. That being said, they have enough personality to stand on their own and the final result is simply brilliant. It's not a mere coincidence that this tape is going to be reprinted soon on wax by Crucificados and a 7" has already been planned to be released soon on No Patience...

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