mercoledì 4 maggio 2016

Les Nerfs A Vif

If with their debut ep I've been super slow, this time it went differently. I've indeed been fast enough to secure a limited version of Rixe second ep "les nerfs a vif", again on LVEUM. This continues exactly where "coups et blessures" left.  Again four trax, again four perfectly assembled oi hymns. The perfect soundtrack for your drunken sing-alongs skinhead nights. Perhaps the production is a bit dirtier this time & I would have turned up a bit vocal's volume. But the truth is that I'm just being way too anal. Perfect record again and for sure we already got a candidate for one of the best eps of the year. Comes with a big fold-out insert that has a poster on one side and lyrics on the other. First press sold out in few days, good luck finding one! 

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