mercoledì 6 agosto 2014

Svart Sement

Norway might be mainly known for being the home of black metal of course, but it also has a nice hardcore scene. For sure it has never been as prolific as its scandinavian counterparts, but there's no doubt that, back in the early 80s', a handful of excellent bands released some quality stuff, mainly under the legendary X-Port Plater label. In more recent years there has been a couple of awesome norwegian bands (Insurance Risk & Shipwrecked), but these were more boston hardcore oriented. No one has been able to reproduce the typical (or should I say trve??) norwegian hardcore sound in the right way (even if some tried). Until Urbanoia released their "svart sement" ep last year. Pressed in a mere quantity of 200 copies by the band itself, these four tracks keep the Svart Framtid legacy alive and bloody healthy. Seriously, if someone told me this was a lost recording session of the aforementioned band, I would have blindly believed it. Aesthetically also the cover seems to be a tribute to the Betong Hysteria ep with that font and the spherical picture. A great debut ep for sure that is also a well done homage to the traditional norwegian sound but it's solid enough to stand on it own. A new ep is impending and should be out pretty soon on D-Takt in europe and Solar Funeral in the states.

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