mercoledì 6 novembre 2013

Passione Nera

I can't think to a better record for this period of the year than Nerorgasmo "passione nera: discografia 1985-1993" double lp. Well, a copy of the self titled ep would be better of course but hey, you cannot always win. And, honestly, the guys at F.O.A.D. headquarter have outdone themselves so much this time that I can live happily with this for now. Seriously, the whole packaging of this record is so outstanding that left me wordless. Housed in a hard bound case wrapped book-like fat gatefold that includes a 24 pages booklet with Luca Abort's drawings (some unpublished 'till now), liner notes, lyrics & pics, this is probably one of the best packaged record ever.
Born from the ashes of Blue Vomit, Nerorgasmo was the darkest, gloomiest & most nihilistic band that ever came out of italy during the 80s'. Definitely an unique band way ahead of its times. Not only musically, but also lyrically. I'm indeed sorry for all ya non-italian readers. Without understanding Luca Abort's lyrics, you're missing 50% of Nerorgasmo greatness. Seriously, some of the sickest & most obscure poems you'll ever read. 
On lp one you'll get the infamous s/t ep, some awesome unreleased studio recordings from 1987 & a couple of live sessions respectively from '86 and '93. The second lp has the remastered version of the 1993 full length. Great stuff but way inferior to the earlier material. There's something about the sound of the full length that doesn't work. Plus Luca's vocals aren't as sick as they used to be in the ep. Anyhow, way better than your bands lp. Get this record as soon as you can, for 20€ only it's a bloody good deal.

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