mercoledì 27 novembre 2013

Domestic Violence Kept The Neighbourhood Quiet

The last effort from Coffin Cut Records has been a split 12" between two Sydney's bands: Deathcage & Unknown To God. Limited to 300 copies, 100 on white for the aussies, 100 on red for overseas market and 100 on grey that came with a bonus 7". I was indeed expecting red wax since I got it from an euro dealer but I've ended up with a white copy. Nothing to complain about it, I think it matches better with the cover colours. Gatefold cover. All in all a very well packaged release with super cheesy artwork!
I've been a huge sucker for all Deathcage material, although I think they reached their peak in their third ep "tomorrow we die". Perfect songs with the perfect production. While the "plague of the rats" full length suffered a bit from the too clean production, here Deathcage went back to a rougher sound. Maybe a bit too raw for a burning spirits band and the mixing could've been way better (expecially for the vocals). Nerdy details apart, these tracks prove again that they still are one of the few bands able to nail down this style perfectly (outside japan). I was unfamiliar with Unknown To God from Sydney too but their midpaced metallic crust didn't impress me at all. Sounds like the dumb Tragedy cousin from downunder. Never been a fan of this style, sorry. 
In the same order I've managed to get a record that somehow I kept forgetting to order during the last 5+ years. The one and only full length from one of my favourite aussie band ever, the mighty A.V.O. (Apprehended Violence Order). Downloaded it when it came out and loved every seconds of it but  I've ended up getting a real copy only now. Well, better later than never. Solid hardcore deeply rooted in the early 80s' USHC tradition but with a typical aussie "fuck you" attitude. A band that never got the recognition they deserved, probably only due to their geographic isolation. 19 tunes of perfectly executed, pissed off, un-PC hardcore that sounds like the retarded child of a Vile & Gang Green gang bang. This version contains indeed a Vile cover, while the cd version has a Bad Posture cover (Get Tough). They broke up after releasing this, so this is their testament. Do I even need to comment the incredible artwork? A truly australian hc classic. Praise to Even Worse & Kangaroo Records for releasing it on wax.

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