lunedì 11 novembre 2013

Lonely Rock

Recent repress of Lipcream's debut ep "lonely rock" 7" that originally came out on Hold Up Records sometimes around 1984. Courtesy of Dynamite Records, a label that I guess has some direct connection with the band. It's a perfect reproduction of the OG version and it also comes with a sticker of the looks-like-a-penis-to-me famous rocket cover. Here we're dealing with the debut release of an unfuckwithable japanese institution that had a huge role in defining the traditional japanese hc sound associated to the legendary Selfish label. A bit rougher compared to the albums but it's still a feast of an awesome riff after another. One of the few puck/hc bands that is able to incorporate solos that don't suck in their tracks. At this point I'm quite hopeful that also "night rider more than fight!" will get the same treatment in a not so far future...

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