sabato 26 ottobre 2013


Nothing better than having the local record fair just a couple of weeks before your birthday. It just gives you a great excuse to spend a little more money than you would usually do! This time my main score was an OG copy of the legendary Declino "eresia" 12" released by Belfagor Records back in 1985. When it comes to the old days of italian hc, Torino/Piemonte has been probably the place that unleashed the best bands ever. And Declino was definitely one of the fiercest out of it. Not your usual three chords hc here, these guys could definitely play their instruments. Intricate and complex songwriting but at the same time powerful, direct and energic like few others. Plus smart & depth lyrics that were and still are above your average boring "smash the system" approach.
Basically I've payed the current going price but it was worth it. Those fixed political price on the cover makes me always smile when you think at the current value of these records. LP is in excellent conditions and the cover, apart for a bit of yellowing on the lower backside, its in great conditions and it comes with the huge insert. The guy I bought it from also had a copy of the "rivolta e negazione" 7" for sale but, unless I'll win the lottery, that ep is absolutely out of my budget. Too bad since it's even better than the 12" and I'd love to own a copy sometimes...

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