venerdì 11 ottobre 2013

Cutest Band In Hardcore

Last month we all saw an OG version of Chronic Sick "cutest band in hardcore" 12" on Mutha going eBay for over a thousand bucks. Of course, like many of you, I couldn't even think to bid on it. So I just sit down, got popcorn and enjoyed the show. But that auction at least reminded me that I still needed to get the No Way repress that came out three years ago. For some reason I completely forgot to buy it when it first came out. Discogs easily provided me a copy for a nice price. First press with the extra insert with reviews, flyers, pics and the usual crap. Everything looks like the original except of course for the No Way logo instead on the Mutha one. 
What can I say about this record? I usually do not post a lot about USHC but this is one of my top 5 ever favourite records. Cheesy logo, one of the best cover ever, lyrics that still piss off most of the PC dudes out there (simply coz' they aren't able to get them) and some of the best riffs ever written. The clean production makes it sounds almost "pop" in the slowest tracks. These six songs are simply perfect. Loud, catchy, nasty and memorable hardcore from a time where Jersey Shore meant high quality hc, not a bunch of italo-american douchebags that got the worst traits from both their ethnic roots. 

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