sabato 14 dicembre 2013

Condannati A Morte Nel Vostro Quieto Vivere

It seems like this year, instead of accumulating records that originally came from exotic and far away places, I've been mainly focused in filling up my collection of classic local bands release. Partially it was due to the absurd prices that getting a record shipped from overseas has reached in these days. Nontheless, I think that, after the finns, we have unleashed the best hardcore from europe in the 80s.
Negazione is for sure one of the most well known name worldwide when it comes to italian hardcore. Until a few days ago, the only Negazione record I've ever owned was an orange copy of "Lo Spirito Continua..." on TVOR. It stayed in my house for only a few months since I've ended up trading it for an I.R.A. lp. Never been too much of a fan of that album. Their best releases are the first two eps. Here's a copy of the 1985 self-released ep "Condannati a Morte Nel Vostro Quieto Vivere". Love the artwork and the huge insert. I don't think I need to explain how great the music is. Here we're talking about a genre-defining band that still influences legions of band everywhere. Not at all a hard to find record. I guess that it was pressed in huge quantities. Got it from a local guy for the price that I wanted so I think I've made a good deal considering that it also comes in excellent conditions which is something quite rare when it comes to old italian records...

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