mercoledì 11 settembre 2013


In my previous post I've mentioned Medellin. Recently Fuck Yoga Records has repressed two classics from the early 90s' scene outta that town. Unlike the recent Restos De Tragedia and Bastardos Sin Nombre discography lps, here they did the right thing. Perfect reproductions of the originals. Nothing more, nothing less. Yeah, you guessed right. I'm not a big fan of a big vinyl that collect small vinyls.
Let's start with the Ataque De Sonido "s/t" ep. 7 outbursts of super raw and primitive noisecore that's deeply rooted in hardcore. This stuff reminds me a lot early 90s' european noise bands that I used to listen to 20 years ago (shit, I'm old). Quite similar also to their townmates Imagen. Indeed it's not a coincidence that they shared the same guitar player. Definitely not on my top 5 when it comes to Colombian hardcore, but nonetheless a totally worth owning record. Weird note: their name came from the spanish translation of an Hawkwind song, "sonic attack".
Great reproduction of the OG, plus it comes with a small insert with liner notes by band members and a couple of rare pics. 100 on clear, 400 on black. As you can see I got the ltd version. While my hunt for an original first press copy continues, I'm fine with this.
The Herpes "medellin" 7". Probably the weirdest record that came out from that scene. We're still in the noisecore territory but more on the metal side of it. If your brain is able to think to an even dirtier version of Parabellum on acid that's trying to cover a Hawkind tune, then you're quite close to Herpes. This is so noisy, heavy and distorted that in the end it sounds like the worst acid trip nightmare you could ever have. Uber brutal and rough stuff that's definitely not for everyone.
Of course it looks exactly like a perfect reproduction of the original. My copy is one the 100 out there on clear wax. The rest of the press it's on good ol'black wax. Now please repress the Rasix ep so I don't have to shell out 100 bucks for it!

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