giovedì 19 settembre 2013

Quando Si Sentirà L'ultimo Rimbombo

Just picked up a copy of the freshly made repress of the Diserzione "quando si sentirà l'ultimo rimbombo..." 1982 demo on wax, courtesy again of Lovehate80. I was too slow with the first press that came out two years ago but luckily I was able to pre-order a copy of this press. While first one was 300 copies all on black, this time they did just 200 copies, 100 on clear and 100 on red. It comes with a huge fold out poster with pics, flyers, lyrics etc...
Don't know that much about this band. A 30 years old super obscure demo tape from a small city that luckily has been saved from the fragility of its original magnetic support. Please don't trust the claim on the cover that says "questo disco fà schifo" (this record sucks). Classic rough & dirty 80s' italian hardcore from the countryside that would have fit perfectly in the Chaos Produzioni rooster. Love the "fuck off" attitude of this band. Highly recommended if you're into the good ol'days of our boot shaped stupid peninsula or good hardcore/punk in general.

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