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RUPTURE interview 1997

Rupture needs no introduction: top notch pissed off hardcore from perth with extremely offensive and provocative lyrics and attitude. Taken from swedish fanzine Absurd#5, originally printed around 1997. I've re-typed it since my scan are partially unreadable!
What made you become the group of self-destructive nihilist you are, playing awful rock-music with lyrics about lust and hate, when you could be proper god fearing family fathers, taking care of children and all that? How could it go so wrong? Tell me about yor childhoods please!
Zombo: When I was a kid and in school I was a terrorist. Nowdays I channel my energies into something constructive. Or shall I say destructive! I'm in this strictly for kicks. My upbringing was a modest and a good one and contrary to much p.c. mentality I don't attach myself to causes 'cos my parents drove around in BMW's. Actually, they drove around in space ships.
Stumblefuck: I was brought up in a devil cult and I was the human pass-the-parcel and I got buttfucked long and hard by clergymen, police chiefs and magistrates all through my brutal childhood. My father was a freemason and he forced me to eat the shit out of his arsehole many times, my mother was always exposing my penis in front of my friends and fondling it in public. one day I stood up and declared "Enough is enough!" and fucked off and started RUPTURE and now I am a satanic nihilistic freemason too. I know all the secret handshakes. Now I'm the giver, not the taker.

What do your parents think aobut you and the music you play?
Zombo: Yes, very pleased. Absolutely ecstatic in fact!
Stumblefuck: They both still fuck'n'suck me on demand, so I s'pose that means they still find me sexually attractive. Or maybe they're just punkrockers at heart.

Heard that you kicked out Mikko from the band, why?
Zombo: 3 years on this hardly seems to matter Mikko 47 copped a bit of rejection in his hippy peer group for associating with such notoriously uncouth fellows as ourselves. Frankly, he was loosing his touch! A drummer has to believe in the circle N brotherhood to qualifiy for us.
Stumblefuck: Because he's too skinny, and he likes DINOSAUR JR.

Tell us about your new records "Sex, Drugs and Rupture", "Filthy Habit" and "Gospel from the Gutter". Do you have any upcoming releases?
Zombo: "Sex, Drugs and Rupture" took a week to do at death Rooster with grand priest Al Smith The Red Baron and woshipful brother Col were also present, as were also select members of the media. The vocal duties gave us the opportunity to partake of much Jack Daniels and bookers. The ounce got smoked mainly in the toilet block. The music shop next door was run by christians who called the cops on us, it got real ugly. The final mix was achieved on Corpus Christi day. June 2nd day if mockery of the feast of the flesh and blood of christ. "Filthy Habit" was made up on the spot and recorded in one night, exactly one year before, again for Corpus Christi day. Many of our EPs are done this way. Coming soon from us is a full lenght CD/ LP called "Australia Day", another very important day for us. Spontaneous recordings are almost always done at Hundskit Studios with none other than Grand Priest Stumblefuck himself presiding. The story of "Filthy Habit" is a funny one. It caused outrage with the censorshit board, they seized our artwork/ lyrics and destroyed'em. But Harry Miles bootleged'em for our "limited edition" in murky blue.
Stumblefuck: Well what can I say, all our releases areultimate mindfuck classic. Sheer creative and intellectual genius, actually. We are presently in the process of making up a whole new set of new psychotic ballistic tunes for a new studio CD/ LP release, possibly on Relapse Records. We've also got a shitload of EP releases happening right now, on Slap A Ham, Bad Card, Incognito, Regurgitated Semen etc...which should be out soon. I've just released the new HEIST CD on my label "Big Fred Rec's" and next up I'm putting out a new BEAST IN HEAT studio CD (This one includes me + Zombo, also King Ovey on vocals and a junkie named Harry Miles on drums).

A friend of Mikael Bomark told me that you had problems in the band and that it would not be surprisinf if you split up, what do you say about those rumors?
Zombo: RUPTURE have seen turbulent waters over the years. We know now more than ever that we're in it to the end. We've created this freud stein and there aint no turning back.
Stumblefuck: They're all true. We all hate each others guts! The only thing that keeps it together are the backstage sluts!

Also heard that the "Rupture HQ" actually is Zombo's mothers apartment, true?
Zombo: This is very strange indeed. You funky Sweded have good imaginations! The "HQ" thing started out as something, now it is just a rough term for wherever we happen to live at the time.
Stumblefuck: No, actually it is my luxury penthouse apartment. Zombo's mother lives in a recycling bin and we couldn't all fit in together. Besides, her vagina smells and her flaps protrude too much.

In Sweden we are always told that drugs are very dangerous. I guess you should know whether that is true or not by now, so please tell us what do you think! Does a frequent drug use make the sexual lust disappear, for example?
Zombo: Only frequent heroin use depletes the sexual instinct, as we have seen to be the case with many dead-fucks. Fortunately I have never touched the shit. I do however like my herb, and believe that it enhances the sexual lust quite satisfactorily. I'm also not adverse to the odd whack'o jimme.
Stumblefuck: No, on the contrary, drugs have turned me into rapist. But I just wanna say to all the kids in Sweden PLEASE, DO NOT TAKE DRUGS!! Drugs are evil!

Tell us about your most exciting, or most terrifying, drug experience.
Zombo: My name comes from a drug experience. My 18 th birthday party with mushrooms, a keg of beer and a keg of hallucinogenic moonshine. I suppose I'll tell that one to ya if I catch up with ya, it's like a tripping joke, y'know.
Stumblefuck: My most terrifying drug experience was getting arrested while peaking on magic mushrooms.I was thrown into lock-up with my brain turned into gas and my arms and legs dripping everywhere. It was like I was astral.projected to Gilligan's Island when suddenly this fat drunken aborigene raped my ass. Then I had to take a dump in front of everyone.

I heard that you, Andrew, got a shit sent by mail after the interview in Riot! How did you react when you opened the packet? Do you know who sent it? Do you get much hate mail?
Zombo: We LIKE hate mail! Too much = not enough!
Stumblefuck: I reckon it was one of Pablo's poof-pals. Or maybe ANTI-SYSTEM.

Also heard that Andrews home got raided by the police in search of snuff movies. Did they find any?
Zombo: They didn't find any.
Stumblefuck: No, but they found heaps of homemade paedo-porn!

You've done some co-operations with DROPDEAD. What do you think about these guys? Did you meet them when they did tour australia? Does their idealistic stance annoy you? Fave DROPDEAD lyric?
Zombo: I can't comment on them since I have not seen/meet them. This question applies to Gus/ Andrew, like the two before this one.
Stumblefuck: DROPDEAD are jewish fags! They didn't come to Perth when they were in australia so I didn't get to meet them.
No actually their idealistic stance does not annoy me at all. I think they are true cultural revolutionaries and my favourite DROPDEAD lyric is this one:
"Twenty million rabbits get their arses fucked every second/ And a hundred billion women get raped every two seconds/ War is atrocious/ Love thy fellow homosexual"
Yes, it is a beautiful philosophical statement! And I think Bob is really sexy.

Which are your fave movies? Have you heard of the famous swedish director Micke Eklof? Have you seen "Heta Linjen Horan"?
Zombo: I have heard of Micke. I dunno if I have seen the flick. have you met Ravolo Yates? (Yeah, I met him down the pub last night /ED). Did you know that Caren's got barnacles stuck to his ball sack?
Stumblefuck: My favourite movie is "The Green Slime". No, I haven't seen "Heta Linjen Horar" but I've seen "Headjob Helga Does Goteborg". (Cunts who draw dots over "o's" must be fags).

What do you fantasize about while masturbating?
Zombo: Me Me Lai's delectable little ass. And those pert titties of her. Where are you, Me Me?
Stumblefuck: My mother. No! my father! No! Cheap Thai prepubescent hookers!!! Yes! Oooo- ooh- aaahhh!!!

What do you think about GG Allin? Was he God, just an interesting phenomena or plainly a pathetic poser?
Zombo: Most of the stuff is right on. But he doesn't give me an erection, if that is what you mean. Plenty of dumb folks idolize him, of course.
Stumblefuck: I consider him a very angst-(unreadable word) young man who made a lot of good punk rock songs and had a lot of good things to say. Unfortunately he was also a raging queen and he sucked his brothers cock. Now that's a "no-no" in my books!!

How is the scene in your local area? Bands, zines etc? Anything interesting happening down in Perth? Do you know the guys in HEIST; CHICKENSHIT, NAILED DOWN etc?
Zombo: HEIST are in the RUPTURE brotherhood currently undertaking teachings in the 3rd grade. Dirty Dan was gonna join on 2nd guitar, but this did not happen. Trav and Cam from CHICKENSHIT drink beer and they're OK. As far as the bands and the scene, coulden't give two shits. RUPTURE are the scene. NAILED DOWN bobbed Gus in to the pigs and plagiarize our ideas. Dick Diamond from BROWN DEMON drums for us now. Me and Stumbs keep busy with BEAST, who are a lot different than RUPTURE.
Stumblefuck: The scene here sux 'cos there's no venues and also there's too many fags. Lots of good bands like us, BEAST IN HEAT, HEIST, BROWN DEMON, HOSTILE SAUSAGE, CHICKENSHIT, DEAD BABIES IN VOMIT, WHITE TRASH etc. No zines worth mentioning. Yes we are all good mates and get fucked up quite regularly. At the other end of the credability-spectrum, however we have bands like NAILED DOWN who suck cock. There's no room for peace-punks in this town. As soon as they raise their ugly faggot whining heads, we pound the fuck outa'em and run'em outa town!!! PC poofs need immediate extermination!

There are 10 minute or something from a gig on the "Sex, Drugs and Rupture" CD, why did it fuck up? Did you play any songs?
Zombo: About 50 people showed u ad we whipped'em into a frenzy. Later they tried to take us on (in the beer garden mate). Yes, we played some miserable versions, they turned up on "Gospel".
Stumblefuck: That was a gig we played at a dump near the beach called the "Castle Hotel" a couple of years ago. We were "too loud" and the manager kept pulling out the plug so we couldn't even play a song and he had all his bouncers around the stage waiting to smack the fuck out of us so we just abused the cunts and whipped up our legions of fans into a riot and we all totally trashed the place and I went home and ordered a pizza.

How is Yeah, Mate! Records going? It seems not to be very active these days. Will the "Really Stoned" and "Fuck the Eastern State Faggots..." comp. records ever be released?
Zombo: Eventually we will all have our own labels so we can each persue interests indulge desires and whims. I'll be pedding my fucked up art in the form of wall posters beginnings with the "Lust and Hate" one plate 6 I'm working now on the 11th plate. This project is an ongoing one and began long before RUPTURE. Some RUPTURE fans might like it, who knows?
Stumblefuck: If Gus can ever pull that rubber dildo out of his leather clad arse he might one day get around to getting his label cranked up and running. But that's his baby, it's in his hands. (answer continues but unfortunatey is unreadable)

That was all the questions I could come up with, any last words of wisdom for our readers?
Zombo:In the words of the Old Teacher :"Get knowledge, get wisdom but with all thy gettings get understanding". Our philosophy will always endure, it's the antithesis os safe environmentally friendly rock'n'roll. The skirt wearers that play punk these days are about as much a threat to society as the average Top 40 boppers (I'm not talking about girl punk groups). To all our detractors, thank you. It's cunts like you who truly make us great! Power to the initiated!
Stumblefuck: Yes, how about this: "As regards little girls, wecan say of them that they feel greatly at didadvantage owing to their lack of a big visible penis" (Sigmund Freud, 1917)

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  1. I wasn't "kicked out" of Rupture, I left because my arm was falling off and I couldn't play blast beats anymore. That is all ancient history. I loved playing drums for Rupture. -Michael 'ak-47' Newman

    1. Thanx for the infos. If you have anything to share (pics, flyers ect...) feel free to get in tough! I love your drumming in Rupture...