giovedì 25 luglio 2013

Finnish Hardcore 1982-1983

It seems like my last few posts are all about scandinavian bands. Well, lets stay in this nordic penisula again. But this time on the other side of Baltic sea, aka Finland. What I got here is the vinyl reprint of both Marionetti's demos, courtesy of Who Cares? Records outta France. As you might get from this very imaginatively titled lp, Marionetti was active for only a couple of years, before disbanding into obscurity. Luckily during this brief period they managed to record two incredibly good tapes. As the title suggests, expect nothing but pure traditional finnish hardcore from the golden era. Seriously, this is so good that, if they weren't so short lived, they would be in the cult finnish hc olympus along with classic names such as Terveet Kadet, Tampere SS & the likes...Their only official vinyl appearance (while being active) was indeed only in the legendary 1983's "Propaganda Hardcore" compilation lp with two tracks taken from their first tape. So thumbs up to Who Cares? Records for saving this from obscurity and making it available again for the masses. Well, maybe I'd better say to the 300 lucky fellas who were able to score a copy... 

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  1. Hello, thanks for your review! Marionetti deserved an official issue of their demo, indeed. Check out the other label's releases, it's worth a try! Cheers from France, Ali / Who Cares? records