lunedì 19 agosto 2013

La Krudeza No Muere

I can't remember the last time I bought a record based solely on the label's description. I did it all the time during the whole 90s'. Record reviews, endless thanks lists and mail order catalogues were basically my main source of information back in those days. But in the last 10+ years things have dramatically changed and, for the better or worse, it's almost impossible to buy a record without listen to at least one track out of it before getting it. Of course this helps a lot when it comes to avoid to fill your collection with too much crappy records. On the other side, I must admit that I'm missing the surprise factor, if you know what I mean. So, when I got the last LVEUM newsletter where Paco mentioned he just released a LP by a new peruvian band DHK titled "la krudeza no muere", I decided to give it a try based solely on Paco's words. I like his label and I trust his tastes. That was enough for me. And I'm not disappointed at all. Solid, straight forward punk/hc with no frills and lots of energy. Of course it's raw as fuck but don't expect a fuzz fest (even if it has been mastered at the legendary Tokyo's Noise Room). This is raw, simple and direct music like you can expect from a south american punk/hc band. Sincere music played by pissed off normal kids that don't need to dress the typical punk uniform and pretend to be rebels by acting weird & crazy. This is real hardcore played by real people, not bored rich western white kids alternative boring shit.

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