domenica 24 marzo 2013


If there's something that I've learned over the years as a record collector, it's that being patient always pays back. When few months ago I've heard that Extortion (click here for the interview I've posted previously), probably my fave bands outta 00s', had just released a split 12" with german's Cold World on RSR, my guts told me to buy a copy as soon as possible. I have all first presses of all Extortion releases and I didn't want to miss this one. But since their last couple of releases were nothing but a disappointment, I've instead decided to wait some reviews and maybe listen to it before placing my order. It turned out that those turds in Cold World didn't want people to download it (yeah sure, people were buying this because of your side of the lp), so it was quite a task to hear it. Finally I've managed to do it and I was quite happy to see that Extortion worked again for me. Of course it's not "Degenerate" but definitely their best material since "terminal cancer". Nice artwork as well again by Rohan. Plus all the video-games references are a nice nerdy touch. First press is 100 on white, 100 on red and (this one) 300 on black. It has also just been repressed on clear wax if you're one of those morons who need every bloody useless variation of a release. I'm fine with this copy and I'm glad I've waited since I scored this one on eBay for almost half the price I would have payed if I had ordered it directly from the label.

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