martedì 12 marzo 2013

Brigada Subterranea

Another addiction to my slow-growing medellin hc collection: B.S.N. (aka Bastardos Sin Nombre) second ep "brigada subterranea", self-released by the band back in 1992 in the mere quantity of 500 copies. The last batch of colombian hc records that was on ebay few months ago sold for some serious money. I bet on a couple of items (including this one) but of course I was outbid. Then I found a copy on discogs with the "make offer" option. Send a fair offer, et voilà, I can finally cross off from my want list one of my major wants. This copy is in excellent conditions and comes with a lovely polybag dust sleeve. I've been told all records pressed in south america usually come in a plastic dust sleeve due to the humidity and heat that usually wrecks paper dust sleeves.
 While all the bands unleashed from that scene are awesome, B.S.N. is probably my fave of the bunch. Can't really explain why, but I guess that is the simple fact that their songs are both raw & brutal and catchy as fuck at the same time. Just listen to the opening track "Vida Civil" and you'll immediately understand. It's one of those punk hymns that will get immediately stuck in your mind and you'll find yourself unconsciously singing the chorus while you're driving. Songs on this are indeed generally less straight forward and more catchy than the ones on "guerra bacteriologica". Plus the songwriting has more variety. I'd call it a tie between their two eps, I love both for different reasons. That being said, there's no doubt that their best material are their tunes on "la ciudad podrida" compilation lp. Nothing can beat the sheer brutality and raw sound of that incredible sampler of what was going on in medellin around 1990.
Now someone gotta explain me why the hell you would use a crappy circled A as your main artwork when you have such a great drawing in the bloody inner sleeve?!?
Now please sell me your copy of their first ep "guerra bacteriologica". I'll pay good money for it.

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