sabato 2 marzo 2013

Destroy Agony

Here's Folkeiis new ep "destroy agony" that Hardcore Survives released recently. If you're keeping track of what's going on in the japanese noise department, you should remember these guys for their "hell kaaos night" 7" that came out three years ago. It was another good ol' blatant finnish hardcore rip off outta japan. Nothing to complain about of course but also nothing that exciting. Well, this new ep is a huge step forward. While finnish influences are still here, expecially in the reverbed vox, the songwriting got way heavier and darker. These four tunes keep bringing to my mind "who killed dove?" and "last chaos" era Crow. Yep, that unique mix of dark and gloomy noise crust. Add a touch of Kaaos, Riistetyt or your fave finn classic band and you got the last effort from this Nagoya killer unit. Perhaps a possible contender for the best release of the year?

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