mercoledì 3 aprile 2013

Poder, Represion Y Corruption

What do you know about peruvian hardcore/punk from the 80s'? I must admit that, until recently, my knowledge was limited to the Leuzemia lp, the only band that had a vinyl output during their existence, that is basically a stoned peruvian answer to Ramones. Oh yeah, I was forgetting to mention the almighty Ataque Frontal. One of the fiercest and rawest hardcore band I've ever had the pleasure to listen to. They put out only a tape around 1986 that was later repressed on 7" by New Wave Records outta France during 1988. That was it.
Until recently. I've indeed started to dig into that scene to discover some great bands that unfortunately released their material only on the worst format ever: tape. Thanx Quetzalcoatl some people out there care enough to save obscure releases like this from vanishing forever in those stupid magnetic support. Like the Autopsia "Poder, Represion Y Corruption" demo from 1985. Some DIY labels got together around 2008 to make it available again on the best format ever: 7". This is not that different from Ataque Frontal: raw but still catchy, pissed off and politically fueled hardcore in the best south american tradition. Can't ask for more. The sound is quite raw, plus on the first track you can clearly hear that it was ripped directly from a tape that unfortunately was already deteriorating. But that's not a let down. Essential stuff if you dig south american hardcore.

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