mercoledì 7 ottobre 2015

Yesterday Fairytale, Tommorow's Nightmare

If I remember well, my first encounter with Disclose happened around 2001. It was via their split lp with Totalitar. I picked up a copy of that record from a distro at a show, mainly because of the swedish band. Their side didn't impress me a lot. It just seemed to me they were just another boring dis-band like the way too many horrible Discharge clones that were around in the 90s ("dis is getting pathetic", to quote Diskonto). Then, a couple of years later,  I got their "Apocalypse of Death" 12". I immediately sold my soul to Kawakami. To this day it's still my favourite Disclose release. Especially the song "the war dead". It got stuck in my mind with its almost hypnotic repetitiveness. If I'm not wrong, this is where the "dis-bones" era started. Disclose added a more metallic approach (obviously influenced by Broken Bones) to their mix of Discharge & swedish d-beat. Over the year I've learned to enjoy also their earlier catalogue (with "Tragedy" being the peak of their early days), but the "dis-bones" era is still my favourite. Recently LVEUM repressed their last full length "Yesterday Fairytale, Tommorow's Nightmare". It's a collection of re-recorded version of some songs from their later period and it includes a 10 minutes long version of my favourite of their tracks, "wardead". Even if you own the original press, this is worth just for the in depths writing about their ill-fated 2004 US tour with Framtid by Stuart/GOTA (which is the guy who originally released this lp). Probably the very last influential punk band that shaped the last few punk generations and will continue to do it in the future. RIP Kawakami. 

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