mercoledì 21 ottobre 2015

Det E'kje Nåkka Artig Længer

When it comes to scandinavia, norwegian hardcore tends to be obscured by their more prolific swedish & finnish counterparts as well as from the legion of local black metal bands of course. If that's not enough, Barn Av Regnbuen seems to be a bit overshadowed by the cult status of other X-Port Plater classics such as Bannlyst or Svart Framtid. Well, at least this little attention kept the price of 1986's B.A.R. debut ep "Det E'kje Nåkka Artig Længer" (that translates to "it's not fun anymore" if I remember well) a bit more reasonable. Nontheless, this stands at the same level as the aforementioned norge classics. Same kind of sound and heavy production but with more peculiar guitar riffs. A very solid release, too bad their flexi from a couple of years later is not that solid (but still worth a listen).
1000 copies pressed on a great looking fold-out cover that has a poster on the other side. My copy came with a small insert with lyrics translated in english but unfortunately I've forgot to include it in the pictures...Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that band's name translate to something like "children of the rainbow" which for some reasons makes me think about T-Rex...

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