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Rodrigo D. No Futuro soundtrack

If you haven't seen it yet, Rodrigo D. No Futuro is a brilliant 1990 indipendent movie from colombian director Victor Gaviria. A movie that deserves to be watched even if you're not even remotely interested in old colombian bands, a must if you're vaguely into medellin punk/metal in general. It's a crude portray of the life of a punk drummer (who happens to be the drummer/singer for Mutantex in real life) in the most violent city of the world in that period: Medellin. As it happened in real life, while stuck in a city besieged by a violent drug war, music played an essential role in keeping Rodrigo and his friends alive in such a hopeless environment. A lot of kids/gals involved in the late '80/ early 90s' punk & metal medallo scene took part in this movie: Olimpo Ordóñez (Mierda), Ramiro Meneses & Omar (Mutantex), Fredy “El chino”(NN), Piedad & Vicky (Crimen Impune/Fertil miseria) and Cipriano (Parabellum/HPHC). If that's not enough, there are also these bands playing live on a bloody roof: Blasfemia (!!), NN, Mutantex, P-Ne and a few more. What a great movie! Of course a movie like this couldn't have nothing but a solid punk and metal soundtrack, released in the same year of the movie. Along with "La Ciudad Podrida Vol. I", one of the best and most representative sample of what was going on there in that period. It didn't take it too long to become a cult item hunted by greedy collectors everywhere in the world.
Unexpectedly, "Rodrigo D. No Futuro" original soundtrack lp has just been repressed. Comes with a huge fold out insert with tons of pictures and infos about the movie and the bands featured here. While side A is side punk, B is the one with metal bands. What's amazing about this comp. is the fact that, with a couple of notable exceptions, almost all the well known names are missing here. Most of the bands featured on both sides made their only vinyl appearence here. Some didn't even release a demo. All their recorded material is featured here! Yet, this is one of the most solid compilation ever. Another proof of how good and unique this scene was. Of course some tracks have been cut off for a reason or another. Unfortunately one of them happened to be my favourite of the whole movie:
Parabellum/HPHC drummer playing solo an uber brutal noise/punk/hc track that last less than one minute. What a song! Just drum & voice, but more brutal than your stupid band for sure! Too bad this is the only incarnation of this project, I would have loved a whole Cipri EP!!

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