sabato 12 settembre 2015

Razon De Expulsiön

The older I got, the less I'm interested in new bands. Not sure about the reasons but I don't feel anymore the need to keep myself updated about new bands. Today I simply prefer to waste my energies on something else. If it wasn't for a friend that gave this to me for free, I would have missed this one for sure. Well, for sure Sinnacion is not the most hyped band of the moment, but being a sucker for everything that came straight outta Medellin, I'm a bit surprised that I've missed this. So yeah, this is fast and raw hardcore that somehow follows the roots of the most well know colombian bands from the past. The reverbed vocals give it a finnish touch but I don't think they are working well with this kind of stuff. Also the guitar sound is too clean for my taste. Something heavier and more distorted would have worked perfectly here. There's still room for improvement but this ain't a bad debut release for sure. Co-released by many labels, something that unfortunately in these years always happens more and more rarely. 

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