mercoledì 2 settembre 2015

Mutacion Por Radiacion

When talking about certain records, it's hard to find the right words. Expecially if the band has the legacy of being the very first black metal band ever. Not sure if this is true or not, but they certainly are one of the first and most influential south american extreme metal bands. I'm taking about Medellin's Parabellum since recently I've scored their second 12" ep "mutacion por radiation". Music was written in 1984 but this ended up being finally recorded & released only three years later because of money problems (just like it happened for their debut 12" "Sacrilegio"). I guess this band reached a cult status thanx to Euronymous claiming them (as well as their town mates Reencarnacion) as one of the main Mayhem influences. And you can definitely hear it. This is some of the nastiest, most brutal, disturbing & raw music ever recorded. Something that would make Celtic Frost or Venom sound like your regular early 80s' metal bands in comparison. But I guess that labelling Parabellum simply as black metal is too reductive. Their unique sound is more like a strange hybrid between speed/thrash metal & hardcore/punk. Something so unique that I'm not sure the band had completely control in its inception. Like indeed for all the medellin punk/hc bands that came a few years later, I'm pretty sure that the lack of proper equipment & resources got a big role in shaping Parabellum's sound. But that's not important. What matter is the fact that they've been able to record some of the tracks they wrote over the years and to release them as two separate 12" ep as a testament of a very important moment for extreme music.
As you can see, the copy I just got has tapes all around the edges of the cover. Quite annoying especially if you consider that originally this was a fold-out cover and that the edges don't look in such terrible conditions. But I guess this was made to preserve it since it's printed on thin cheap paper. Plus there's nothing printed inside so no big deal in the end. Of course the insert was missing but I've already remedied with good scans and a printer. The vinyl has some surface noise but overall it's playable & in great condition. Normally I think I would have passed up a record in such condition but when it comes to colombian stuff, it's very hard to find them so you gotta take what you got offered. In the end I think I've payed a bit too much for it but no regrets since I don't know if another copy will ever cross my path again...
While front cover is quite boring & a bit generic, I love the cheesy artwork in the back! Total ultramedallo classic style. Check their interview I've previously posted here.Now if you can help me to get a copy of their "Sacrilegio" lp, please get in touch since I need it badly!

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