venerdì 18 settembre 2015

Italian Punk Harcore: The Movie

We already got some local documentaries about italian hc bands. While some were quite good (like the Cripple Bastards one), others weren't that interesting (Rome & Torino '90s scene). Of course it's just a matter of taste and how relevant those bands/scene were for you. But if you're even vaguely interested in local hardcore, this is the definitive movie. The one about italian 80s punk/hardcore. It was firstly announced at least 5-6 years ago. Then nothing. A trailer surfaced online two years ago. Then nothing again. At some point I guess that I've lost any hope about this being finally released and completely forget about it. Then, suddenly, last month F.O.A.D. announced it's imminent release.
What can I say? This is definitely worth a view. A LOT of the main characters from back in the days had been tracked down and interviewed in this movie. Everyone, from the main bands to the most obscure ones, got to say something. While most of the most well-known bands got a fair coverage (Negazione, Indigesti & CCM), there could have been way more Raw Power (there's just a brief part about their US tour). But if there's someone missing here, well that's goddamn Wretched for sure! Zambo appears briefly only two times and that's it. There's NO Wretched live footage. Not sure if the band didn't want to be in this movie or what happened. All I can say is that the most iconic band from that period needed more coverage in this movie and, without them, something is definitely missing. 
This doco lasts almost two hours. The fist part of this movie would be an awesome introduction to those unfamiliar with this kind of music. You know: first influences, squats, DIY and so on. Perhaps it's the most boring part. The second hour is way more entertaining, with lots of funny anectodes (expecially in the part about the gigs). Generally, a great retrospective view about that period, with all its values & contradictions. This movie also confirmed me that, while big cities scenes tends to be over-politicized (a.k.a. boring), people from smaller towns seems more genuine and down to earth. I would indeed gladly hang out with the guys from Impact, Upset Noise or Chain Reaction and I'm sure I'd have a lot of fun. Not sure if I can say the same thing about the few uber militant PC people feature here. The lovehate80s logo appears on the upper right corner for the WHOLE movie. Honestly, it's quite annoying. Anyhow, as I've already say, a very good documentary about a magic period when italian hardcore was absolutely the best in europe. Order a copy now!

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