martedì 7 ottobre 2014


The first time I've ever heard the word "powerviolence" was back in 1996. The first issue of my very first zine just came out. Giulio the Bastard was one of those extremely rare honest people that, instead of just being another ass kisser, wrote me in depth & constructive critics about what I did wrong. One that I clearly remember was about the review of the Brutal Truth/Spazz split ep where I tagged Spazz as a boring crust/grind band. He schooled me on a sub-genre that I hadn't heard 'till that day, powerviolence. Lesson learnt, I started doing my homework. Thru tape trading I slowly started to learn about powerviolence and felt in love with it. Over the years I managed to get all the powerviolence classics except for one that kept eluding me. An OG Off The Disk press of Infest debut lp "slave". I've almost scored one circa 10 years ago from a local guy that suddenly changed his mind last minute. In the meantime, prices kept getting crazier every year and these became even more rare. That recent bootleg was very tempting but thanx god I kept waiting until I'll found the real deal.
Last month I sold a bunch of stuff on discogs for some good money. While looking on a way to spend them, I've stumbled upon this. It was listed for a very good price. I was tempted also by a copy of Kuro's "who the helpless" 8" but I went for this since it has been on my wantlist forever. There are quite a few variations of it. This is second press on blue wax, limited to 450 copies. Cover shows some aging but it's still in excellent conditions. While I think the front artwork is too cheesy, I do love the "the kids will have their say" rip off back cover. Nothing more to be said since we're talking about one of those few classics that everyone, from sXe boyscouts to crusty cunts dressed only of patches, seems to agree about it's importance and greatness.

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