mercoledì 1 ottobre 2014

Jeesus Perkele

Svart Records delivers again with a long due reissue of another uberclassic finnish hardcore record: Terveet Kädet "s/t" lp. Originally issued by Propaganda Records back in 1983, this is probably the only record from the early days of the "empty hands" that hasn't got the reissue treatment yet. Of course they did again an excellent job. A perfect reproduction of the original that also comes with a fat booklet with tons of articles (and this time a few of them are in english, too) and pics. I'm a firm believer that this band reached its peak with the "Ääretön Joulu" ep. This lp indeed lacks the same pierced vocals and guitars of the aforementioned ep. That being said, this is still a very solid release that should be owned by anyone who claim to be a finnish hardcore worshipper. And considering the crazy prices the original press reaches in these days, I'm glad that Svart allowed us to own it on vinyl. 
For an extra buck I got the limited coloured edition. They called this colour grey but to me it looks bloody brown. Ain't it? Not sure why people don't call things with their proper name. Am I the only one sick of gold vinyls that actually look orange?

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